5/8/2017 – Why Purpose Matters: How to inspire a deeper level of engagement, commitment and action in work and life

Speaker:  Jeff Vanderwielen, PhD, founder of ZGroup, Inc

Program: A powerful way to motivate clients to stretch, grow and work through barriers is to connect them to their deeper sense of purpose and meaning in life. People anchored in a clear sense of purpose, how they serve others or something bigger than themselves, are more focused, engaged, committed, productive, and satisfied in life and work. In this session we will explore what purpose is, why it matters and ways to connect your clients to purpose, inspiring them to achieve their highest goals in life and work.


In this session you will learn:

  • A model of personal purpose to guide your conversations and work with clients
  • A process to help your clients to discover their personal purpose
  • Techniques your clients can use to activate purpose in others


  • Broaden your coaching repertoire
  • Extend your coaching range and influence with executive clients
  • New ideas on how to help your clients inspire greater engagement and commitment in others – their direct reports and team

Speaker Bio: Jeff Vanderwielen, PhD is the founder of ZGroup, Inc. a consulting firm dedicated to helping leaders and organizations master complexity and change.  Jeff is an organization development expert who translates emerging trends in the social good and purpose landscape into actionable, results-driven initiatives for clients.  He brings 20+ years of experience helping global orgnaizations articulate a compelling purpose – their core good – as the organizing center for their vision, strategy and culture.  Jeff has facilitated hundreds of interacitve workshops with top organizations using simulations, stories, and iterative engagement processes to help leaders learn by doing.  He has developed a purpose-centered leadership program designed to make purpose a vital force across the enterprise.  This is achieved by helping leaders embody their own purpose, activate purpose in others and embed a culture of purpose across the organization.  His forthcoming book The Purpose Revolution: How Leaders Create Engagement and Competitive Advantage in the Age of Social Good will provide leaders with a new paradigm of leadership along with tools and practices to help them to thrive in the emerging purpose-centered economy. Most recently Jeff was featured at the 2016 Sustainable Brands Conference in San Diego where he conducted a workshop entitled Future-Proof Branding from the Inside Out: Embedding Purpose in Your Workforce