8/14/2017 – Achieving Alignment with Yourself and the Clients You Serve

SPEAKERS:      Ken Sergi,  Timi Gleason, and Karen Dietz

ICF:  1.5 hours (Resource Development)
BCC: 1.5 hours

One of the single biggest obstacles to achieving client success has proven to be misalignment either between yourself or the clients that you serve. Our own bias can derail alignment and the client’s ability to get results, and the client’s bias can derail the organization’s ability to achieve its purpose. This is true across all coaching practices, regardless of industry or coach, which is a tremendous waste of time and resources, and is avoidable. When there is misalignment, it contributes to clients not doing the work, and predicts organizations failing. This session will be highly-interactive to explore how alignment works to achieve it for yourself and your clients regardless of the coaching environment or business practice. You will use your own real situations to discover the common language and obstacles, and how to navigate through it. Using the SDPCA experience for building our own alignment going forward, this session will demonstrate with real activities the process and techniques to achieve alignment with yourself, the clients you serve, and how clients can achieve it for greater purpose.


  1. Learn the process of alignment across all coaching practices
  2. Identify the pitfalls of misalignment and actions to take with yourself and your clients
  3. Understand how SDPCA is using these methods in its successful rebirth and how you can confidently apply the same with your clients


Ken Sergi
Ken is SDPCA’s Interim VP Professional Development, is an Organization Development (“OD”) expert, Master Trainer, and Certified Coach with more than 30 years diverse business coaching, leadership, and consulting experience. He has a unique passion for unlocking individual potential and transforming organizations into healthy high performing success stories, which have won awards and been profiled in numerous publications. He draws on his experience as an organization leader, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Human Resources Training Director, Instructor, and Executive Consultant with offices in North America and Europe.  For more information www.SergiConsulting.com




Timi Gleason
Timi, a Master Coach, is the Strategic Planner for SDPCA and first became an SDPCA member in 2003. She has specialty areas in Conversational Intelligence, Leadership Language, and Strategic Thinking. She is the Amazon author of Becoming Strategic: Leading with Focus and Inspiration (2015) and Coach as Strategic Partner (2010). Timi is Chief Facilitator of SDPCA’s Mastermind 2020 Club. For more information timi.gleason@nullgmail.com






Karen Dietz, PhD

Karen is SDPCA’s Interim Secretary. She is a veteran in business storytelling, coaching you to storytelling that inspires influences and impacts the bottom line. Wiley published her Business Storytelling for Dummies and she opened the 2013 TEDx Conference San Diego. She coaches business leaders in transformational storytelling so they’ll never ever be boring!  Clients include Fortune 1000 companies, rising stars, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs. For more information www.JustStoryIt.com