Board of Directors Roles & Responsibilities

BOARD APPLICATION FORM: If you are a current Coach or Associate Member and you would like to enhance your career by volunteering to serve on the SDPCA Board of Directors, download and submit the form below to Sheryl Roush, SDPCA President.

B3 Board Application Form 2018-1-25

SDPCA Structure and Operating Convention

SDPCA (hereafter may be referred to as an Association) is a registered Corporation under the California Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law and in accordance with Section 501c6 of the Internal Revenue Code. It has obtained approval for tax-exempt status from the IRS.

SDPCA must function in accordance with the laws governing California Nonprofit Corporations and specific IRS guidelines. SDPCA also has created Bylaws that further describe how a Board of Directors and the Association must operate consistent with California law. The Board of Directors has created Policies and Procedures that describe how day-to-day activities are to function so they can be consistently applied and provide the transparency needed for anyone to understand how the Association operates.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are elected by the membership to serve for one-year terms beginning January 1st. The Directors have sole responsibility to conduct the affairs of SDPCA in the best interests of the members, in a manner that is consistent with California law, the Association’s Bylaws, and the Association’s established Policies and Procedures.

Directors have a fiduciary responsibility to the members of SDPCA to jointly and severally conduct the affairs of the Association solely for the benefit of the members of SDPCA. SDPCA is an all-volunteer organization and, as such, it has no employees. Consequently, all Directors have two different yet complementary roles.

A Director’s primary role is to serve the members in a Servant Leadership capacity overseeing the affairs of SDPCA and initiating activities that respond to what members indicate they want, and that contributes to SDPCA’s growth.

A Director’s secondary role is to take responsibility for performing a specific function that ordinarily might be filled by an employee. SDPCA endeavors to seek Directors for the Board who agree to serve for one year and have the skills, experience and willingness to fulfill one of the functional roles or where they would like to develop strengths and gain more experience, coupled with a desire to accept responsibility in an area that contributes to the success of SDPCA.

Expectations for Board Directors

A Director of the Board is expected to commit to the following:

  1. Become familiar with and uphold the SDPCA’s Mission, Bylaws, Policies, procedures, ethics, and values.
  2. Understand, accept, and be comfortable performing the primary role of a Board Director and the secondary role encompassing the responsibilities they represent to the members they would accept if they are elected to the Board by the members.
  3. Make decisions in the best interests of the members who elected you to the Board.
  4. Be comfortable using social media and become familiar with DropBox and use it to maintain documents in the performance of SDPCA work.
  5. Be willing to support other Board Directors when necessary.
  6. Prepare or revise written procedures regarding your role to assist others who succeed you.
  7. Be a positive advocate and role model of the organization to others
  8. Actively participate in all SDPCA meetings and help to create a welcoming environment.
  9. Attend all Board meetings and convey any concerns or suggestions made by members at SDPCA meetings.
  10. Seek out prospective members to join SDPCA and encourage involvement.
  11. Train incoming Board Director who becomes a successor to your Board position. 

Corporate Officer Roles

The following Corporate Officer positions and their primary Roles are summarized as follows:

  1. President – Chairs the Board of Director meetings and ensures that Directors fulfill the Roles and Responsibilities assigned to them to the best of their ability and that the Association’s activities benefit its members, accomplishes its mission, and demonstrates its values.
  2. Secretary – Prepares or retains documents prepared by others that support and provide evidence of actions or decisions taken by the Board of Directors.
  3. Treasurer – Oversees and manages the financial activities of SDPCA for the benefit of members and reports financial, tax, and legal information as required by SDPCA Bylaws and the relevant regulatory agencies.
  4. VP Communications – Facilitates the communication of events, activities, and other information to members and others who want to receive or view our messages.
  5. VP Marketing – Prepares and disseminates information about SDPCA to the appropriate media that promotes its brand, attracts attention, expands its reach, and encourages membership growth.
  6. VP Membership – Advocates and facilitates membership activities that enhance the value of membership, attracts new members, and encourages membership renewals
  7. VP Meetings – Provides a meeting atmosphere and experience that is inviting and encourages networking with all attendees.
  8. VP Professional Development – Obtains speakers that can provide high quality development and learning programs for members that enhance and broaden professional coaching, business and personal skills, and qualify for continuing education credit for credentialed coaches.
  9. Past President – Coaches and counsels President based on what they experienced and learned when they were President.

The individual Corporate Officer Roles and Responsibilities assignable to Board Directors are as follows.


Eligibility: Must have served on the SDPCA Board of Directors for at least one year prior to the year they serve as President.


Chairs the Board of Director meetings and ensures that Directors fulfill the Roles and Responsibilities assigned to them to the best of their ability and that the Association’s activities benefit its members, accomplishes its mission, and demonstrates its values.


  • Oversees the affairs of SDPCA and facilitates actions and activities that implement SDPCA strategies
  • Creates a collaborative environment where respective Board Directors work together collegially to assist each other when needed to accomplish their responsibilities.
  • Plans and facilitates strategic planning/team-building retreats at least once a year.
  • Chairs monthly Board of Director meetings and monthly member meetings.
  • Receives all incoming email addressed to and either responds directly or forwards to another Board Director for resolution and response.
  • Approves SDPCA expenditures in accordance with SDPCA Policies and Procedures.
  • Approves and signs all contracts between SDPCA and others.
  • Ensures SDPCA Policies and Procedures accurately reflect current policies and procedures.
  • Proposes revisions to Board roles and responsibilities as and when they need to be revised.
  • Maintains confidential list of all usernames and passwords for SDPCA-related activities.
  • Interviews prospective Board Directors in conjunction with the Past President and presents the candidates that are to be included in the membership ballot at the November Member meeting.
  • Oversees the processing and integrity of the voting process conducted by the Nominations Committee.
  • Presents the incoming Board of Directors and thanks the outgoing Board Directors at the December Member meeting.
  • Represents the organization at meetings in the Community and responds to requests for information from the press or other organizations.
  • Intervenes if and when Board Directors are not fulfilling their assigned Officer Roles and Responsibilities in accordance with the Bylaws. 


Role/Purpose/Mission: Prepares or retains documents prepared by others that support and provide evidence of actions or decisions taken by the Board of Directors.


  • Prepares formalized documentation in the form of minutes reflecting the content and decisions of all Board meetings.
  • Creates, obtains, or maintains all documentation on Drop Box or other online repository that can provide transparency of SDPCA activities for use by future Boards.
  • Sends first draft of Board meeting minutes to President and Treasurer for review and clarification within two days of the Board meeting requiring a reply within three days.
  • Sends second draft of Board meeting minutes to all Board members within seven days of the Board meetings requiring a reply within five business days acknowledging acceptance or describing any suggested clarifications or modifications.
  • Sends final version of Board meeting minutes to all Board members two weeks prior to Board meeting indicating that the Board will be asked to approve the final version at the next Board meeting.
  • Prepares monthly Board meeting agenda, incorporating comments from Board members, and sends to Board members 7 days before the Board meeting.
  • Obtains name badges for incoming and new Board members as and when needed.
  • Trains incoming Secretary when term expires.


Role/Purpose/Mission: Oversees and manages the financial activities of SDPCA for the benefit of members and reports financial, tax, and legal information as required by SDPCA Bylaws and the relevant regulatory agencies.


  • Oversees all financial and operational activities to ensure they are consistent with California Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation law, IRS tax code 501c6, SDPCA’s tax exempt status granted by the IRS, and SDPCA Bylaws.
  • Prepares and maintains Policies and Procedures that document how SDPCA manages revenue, membership, and expenditures.
  • Ensures that all expenditures are in the best interests of members and are processed in accordance with SDPCA Policies and Procedures.
  • Prepares and presents to the Board on a monthly basis financial, membership and other information as requested by the Board.
  • Prepares monthly membership list and forwards to the President and VP Membership within 48 hours of month end.
  • Prepares monthly member Sign In sheets for use at monthly member meetings.
  • Scans appropriate documents from monthly member meetings as described in SDPCA Policies and Procedures and distributes as appropriate.
  • Submits annual Financial Statements for approval by the Board as required by SDPCA Bylaws.
  • Prepares and ensures the timely filing of required tax returns to the IRS and the California Franchise Tax Board.
  • Prepares SDPCA filings with the California Secretary of State as required by law.
  • Maintains list of all SDPCA related usernames and passwords and provides access to only those members that need the information.
  • Maintains list of all equipment owned by SDPCA, describing who has possession.
  • Trains incoming Treasurer when term expires. 

VP Communications

Role/Purpose/Mission: Facilitates the communication of information about SDPCA events and activities to members and others through emails, posting on SDPCA website, and the internet.


  • Using content prepared and approved by the President, VP Professional Development and/or VP Marketing, prepares how that content would appear in newsletters, on the website, and in other social media and obtains the approval of how the information is presented by the preparers of the content.
  • Coordinates the messaging that SDPCA uses or is considering to ensure that our messages are consistent with our strategy, do not duplicate or contradict other messages, and are in the best interests of SDPCA members.
  • Sends the monthly repeating newsletter three times a month utilizing third party email software. The first is sent approximately one week after the meeting (on a Tuesday or Wednesday) and repeated twice more, each one week apart.
  • Manages how and posts where monthly programs and other events and activities appear on the SDPCA website and other social media.
  • Ensures program speakers are included in the newsletter distribution so they receive copies of the newsletters promoting their programs.
  • Posts and updates the SDPCA webpage for Board members including their bios.
  • Provides statistical results of sent newsletters conveying lessons learned that could enhance the effectiveness of future mailings.
  • Monitors Google Analytics reports and presents past month’s activity at monthly Board meetings.
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of various media SDPCA uses to suggest what changes or other strategies the Board should consider.
  • Interfaces with the Webmaster on any website need or issue.
  • Trains incoming VP Communications when term expires. 

VP Marketing

Role/Purpose/Mission: Develops and implements marketing strategy consistent with SDPCA’s mission and develops the brand and content that promotes SDPCA and its image that attracts attention, expands its reach, and encourages membership growth.


  • Creates content for newsletters, the website, and other media that promotes SDPCA in the San Diego community and the value that SDPCA provides to members.
  • Collaborates with the VP Professional Development for programs that encourage participation by members and prospective members to become involved in SDPCA activities.
  • Produces materials, such as: flyers, introductions, and other marketing and advertising materials or content that promote speakers, programs, or other SDPCA activities.
  • Produces media campaigns using social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others as appropriate, to generate greater community awareness about SDPCA and coordinates dissemination with VP Communications.
  • Develops and facilitates sponsorship and advertising programs that attract vendors to promote their coaching-related products and services to members.
  • Reviews all marketing activities to ensure consistency in branding and messaging.
  • Coordinates with the Board and obtains approval for all advertising and sponsorship agreements.
  • Monitors advertising and sponsorship programs assuring that expiring ads are removed according to insertion orders and sponsorship agreements.
  • Develops promotional content with advertiser and works with VP Communications to post ads on the website and/or into newsletters.
  • Promotes SDPCA participation in other coaching-related promotional activities with the print and electronic social media.
  • Trains incoming VP Marketing when term expires. 

VP Membership

Role/Purpose/Mission: Develops and promotes member activities and benefits that facilitate connecting members with members, attracts new members, encourages membership renewals, and enhances the benefits of membership.


  • Develop and oversee programs and activities that encourage and facilitate members connecting with other members, such as through: mastermind, SIG and other discussion groups.
  • Collaborate with VP Meetings at the beginning of monthly member meetings to connect with all First-Time Guests and students to become new members.
  • Greet new members who are attending their first meeting and introduce them to other Board members or members who can have a deeper conversation about what they would like from their membership.
  • Follows up with First-Time Guests within 5 days, if requested on the First-Time Guest Form.
  • Contacts, as appropriate, members whose membership is expiring or has expired to assess whether their membership failed to deliver something they were expecting.
  • Assists VP Meetings at the Registration Table and engages in conversations with all guests and new members.
  • Sends email renewal reminders to members whose membership expires in one month and follows up with members whose membership expired in the previous month.
  • Initiates and develops surveys periodically that evaluate the effectiveness of membership benefits and reports the results and recommendations to the Board.
  • Supports VP Marketing to communicate SDPCA membership benefits at San Diego community events as and when appropriate.
  • Trains incoming VP Membership when term expires. 

VP Meetings

Role/Purpose/Mission: Provides a meeting atmosphere and experience that is inviting and encourages networking with all attendees.


  • Prepares copies of forms for use at the Registration Table and all other documents to be used at the meeting, such as: speaker/session evaluations, upcoming events flyers, meeting agenda, and CEU Completion Certificates.
  • Organizes the meeting room layout and setup so it is conducive to learning, is ready for the speaker, and enables attendees to network and engage in conversations with others.
  • Sets up and manages the registration table at meetings in accordance with SDPCA’s Registration Table Procedures and ensures all members and non-members sign in and have an appropriate badge.
  • Updates and prepares all member name badges for distribution at program meetings and collects them at the end of each monthly meeting.
  • Introduces all First-Time Guests and students to the VP Membership.
  • Assists VP Membership by connecting new members and guests with a Board Director or other member so they can be welcomed and engaged by a current member.
  • Collects payments (cash, checks and credit card information) from members and non-members at the meeting and holds them in a secure folder.
  • Prepares the CCE/CEU Sign-Up form, collects the appropriate fee and prepares the Certificates for distribution to those signing up at the end of the meeting.
  • Counts the number of attendees at the meeting and places the total on the upper right corner of the Meeting Summary Form.
  • Reconciles payments received at the meeting and gives all payments and documents noted in the Registration Table Procedures to the Treasurer at the end of the meeting.
  • Collects the meeting evaluation forms at the end of meetings and forwards a summary to the VP Professional Development within 48 hours.
  • Establishes and maintains a positive working relationship with the host organization that provides the meeting space.
  • Researches alternative meeting facilities as desired by members or as necessary due to changes in facility availability to SDPCA.
  • Trains and oversees support by Member At Large – Meeting.
  • Trains incoming VP Meetings when term expires. 

VP Professional Development

Role/Purpose/Mission Obtains speakers that can provide high quality development and learning programs for members that enhance and broaden professional coaching, business and personal skills, and qualify for continuing education credit for credentialed coaches.


  • Solicits and secures potential speakers with the active support of all Board Directors, ensuring that their subject will add value to SDPCA meetings and directly benefit Coach Members.
  • Updates Speaker RFP and procedures to ensure that all potential speakers are evaluated objectively and timely.
  • Endeavors to continually schedule future speakers for at least four months in advance.
  • Evaluates speakers on established criteria to determine their eligibility and confirm their engagement. Submits uncertain speakers to the Board for input.
  • Sends email to all potential speakers that were approved and to those that were not selected.
  • Assists speakers in preparing information about their presentation that SDPCA can use to promote their session in newsletters and the website.
  • Manages relationships with ICF and CCE (BCC) and obtains approval for CEU from ICF as appropriate.
  • Coordinates with VP Marketing to finalize the wording for information flyers, newsletters, and the website that promote the event as widely as appropriate for SDPCA’s audience.
  • Ensures the appropriate CEU information is included in each program announcement.
  • Forwards approved program announcements to the VP Communications for inclusion in email newsletters and posting on the website.
  • Creates speaker evaluations and sends to VP Communications who will make copies for completion by attendees at the meeting.
  • Acts as liaison to coordinate the speaker’s needs with available laptop and A/V capabilities at the facility.
  • Hosts the speaker at the meeting and introduces them to the attendees.
  • Purchases and presents a gift card to the speaker at the end of each program.
  • Sends an email to speaker within one week of their presentation sharing members’ evaluations.
  • Previews upcoming speaker presentations as appropriate at meetings.
  • Trains incoming VP Professional Development when term expires. 

Past President

Role/Purpose/Mission: Coaches and counsels the Board and the President based on what they experienced and learned when they were President.


  • Attends and participates in Board meetings as they deem appropriate or when requested by the President and offers insights and historical perspectives to the Board.
  • Votes on all Board proposals when attending.
  • Chairs the Nominations Committee for the following Board.

Members At Large

The Directors are elected by the members with the understanding that they will take responsibility for one of the functional roles referred to as Corporate Officer Roles as described above. The Board has created an additional role we call Member At Large. A Member At Large can attend all Board meetings and participate in all discussions but the only restriction is that they cannot vote on actions proposed by the Board.

Serving as a Member At Large gives members an opportunity to experience participating with a Board of Directors without having to commit to one year of service. It is an excellent entre to serving on a board and getting to know the leaders of an organization dedicated to serving the coaching profession.

Here are some opportunities where members can participate as a Member At Large:

  • Board Directors realize that their responsibilities can sometimes be overwhelming and they need assistance from members to accomplish their responsibilities. We list below a Member At Large role we know we need someone to help out with at the monthly member meetings.
  • Members of SDPCA frequently want to assist SDPCA in areas where they have particular expertise in an area that SDPCA does not now offer because, as a volunteer association, we are limited in what we can offer to members. This would be an opportunity for a member to recommend to the Board that they would be willing to take the role of Member At Large for a specific task even if that task would not require a long-term commitment.

Open Member At Large opportunities

Member At Large – Meetings

Role: Reports to and supports VP Meetings at the registration table during the meetings.


  • Helps to set up room at the beginning of meetings for SDPCA preferred layout and to return it to its original layout at the end of the meeting.
  • Sets up banner and direction signs enabling attendees to easily find our meeting room.
  • Lays out the Member Sign In sheets at the beginning of the meeting and spreads out the member name badges adjacent to each sheet.
  • Assists to ensure that all attendees sign in if they are members, complete a First-Time Guest form if they are attending for the first time, or complete a Payment Form and pay to attend.
  • Helps to ensure that all attendees have an appropriate name badge – preprinted for current members, salmon colored badge if they are a First-Time Guest, or a hand written badge for anyone else, such as a paying guest or a member whose preprinted badge is not available.
  • Collects payments (cash, checks or credit card information) for membership, meeting fees, and CEU certificate fees and secures payments and Payment Forms in a secure, confidential folder.
  • Introduces all First-Time Guests to VP Membership.
  • When asked a question that they cannot answer or are not sure about how to answer, introduces that person to a Board Member or another member for assistance and support.
  • Assists with reconciling all payments received at meeting with appropriate forms following meeting.
  • Assists with registering CEU applicants, collecting the appropriate payments, maintaining the
    sign-in/sign-out sheet, and distributing the CEU Certificates of Completion at the end of the meeting.

If you are a current Coach or Associate Member and you would like to enhance your career in the coaching field by volunteering to serve with other coach professionals on the SDPCA Board of Directors, click here to download the Board Application Form and submit it to Sheryl Roush, SDPCA President.