2018 Board of Directors


President: Sheryl Roush

Sheryl Roush combines her subject matter expertise of speaking and marketing consulting for those who want to expand into the business of public speaking or market their business and services using speaking. Through her insightful coaching and how-to workshops, she helps individuals bring out their brilliance and authenticity — in person, in public, and in print. Her decades of expertise spans public speaking, marketing, publishing and print advertising. She started her first of eight businesses at age 16 and has owned five award-winning graphic design studios. 

Often a keynote presenter at conferences, she has presented over 3,500 programs in 11 countries. Sheryl has earned numerous awards including the Accredited Speaker professional designation and Presidential Citation from Toastmasters International, plus the Golden Microphone Award from the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the National Speakers Association and the Member of the Year award from two NSA Chapters. She was awarded the 2016 Author of Influence Award. Of her 17 published works thus far, Heart of a Military Woman received the 2009’s Best Inspirational Book from the San Diego Book Awards, and Heart of a Toastmaster received 2014’s Best Anthology from the International Book Award.

A member for nearly 20 years, Sheryl served as SDPCA President in 2005 and as 2017 Interim VP Marketing and Communications.



Secretary: (currently open)

If you have an interest in serving on the Board, please review the responsibilities and then contact us to let us know.

Treasurer: Heidrun Ziche

Heidrun Ziche is an international businesswoman, who completed her own transformation from a Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers (a big four accounting firm) to a professional coach and mediator, using her experience and unique combination of interpersonal and professional skills to help others achieve more than they thought possible. The coupling of success and happiness has radiated from Ms. Ziche as she shares her SHALEA Principle to others who are eager to find fulfillment in their lives, and nurture others to do the same.

She is an international tax attorney, originally from Germany, with both a law degree and an advanced degree in Economics. After work in both Germany and Australia, she settled into a career in Mergers and Acquisitions in Frankfurt Germany, followed by her most recent post as a Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers in International Tax in New York where she retired after 11 years of service. Over the past 15 years, she has continued her education and experience to also become a mediator with special communication and negotiation skills; a project manager; a certified psychologist and spiritual life coach; a competitive athlete; and has made a conscious commitment to health and nutrition. 

She became a Certified Life Coach in 2001 after completing a 14-month training program.


VP Professional Development: Mary Odgers

Mary Odgers is a Life Coach with a huge desire for facilitating change in people of all ages.  Her experience allows clients to create a change allowing them to bring their best selves to relationships, attain optimum health and grief recovery. Prior to becoming certified by Accomplishment Coaching, Mary was active as a stay at home mom for 15 years before entering her profession of 20 years as a post-anesthesia care nurse in the Palomar Health System. Today Mary offers a wealth of life experiences from relationships that include meeting a mate later in life, parenting grown children, grief recovery, weight, exercise and nutrition success all through individual coaching, speaking and small groups.

Mary is a believer that each of us can learn to “get out of our own way” and love the life we live.


VP Communications: Tom Teague

Dr. Tom Teague is a Certified High Performance Coach™ and an online technology manager serving small businesses in planning and implementing their online business systems.   

If you have ever attended online internet marketing training, gone to weekend workshops and left feeling like I’ve got this,” and when you sit down to do it, and then say to yourself: “now how the ____ do I do this for my business??!!!  Then you are not alone. Tom is “tech” sort of a guy, managing software development projects for over 30 years at places like ExxonMobil and NASA, and has invested tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours in “Internet Marketing Grad School” and at times it has felt to him like:  This is like trying to piece together a large puzzle without a box top. Where’s the box top?

To solve this frustration Tom created the Agile Business Success System™ a six-step process to organize the work, and finally get it done! First you get clarity on your business strategy, then you simplify and streamline your technology systems, and only then build the minimum of online systems you need to meet your business strategies using an agile project management approach. Over time, you incrementally build your system to match your business growth. He consults, coaches, or provides professional services as needed to increase his client’s impact.

Choice Digital Strategies


VP Marketing: Joni Wilson

Joni Wilson is one of the world’s foremost Voice Experts and 4-Times Best Selling Author. Her books have sold worldwide and been translated in both Arabic and Korean. She is the creator of the 3-Dimensional Voice® Training System, THE cutting edge voice method that is life-changing to speakers, business professionals, and singers. Joni’s show-biz background and her ability to create voice-actors out of ordinary people keep her voice classes fun, informative and guaranteed to change your opinion of your own voice and it’s endless possibilities.

Joni keeps learning the latest Voice and Marketing techniques and is known as the “Go-to-Girl” when voices get in trouble. With today’s worldwide media outreach, a single person with an idea, a new book, a product to sell or a skill to share, can go from obscurity to viral in 48 hours. At no time in history has a “good voice” been more valuable than it is right now. Because of that . . . she has added Video and Recording Voice Training and Product Marketing to her classes at Voice Studio 54 on 54th Street in San Diego. 

Fun Fact: Joni’s first “Pro Gig” singing was an opening act for Elvis (The Real One!)


VP Meetings: Lori Sheets

Lori Sheets is an experienced coach, workshop leader, and speaker. Known for using her wit and love of humor to create the perfect climate for learning, she inspires others in a style that is both humble and powerful. Lori has committed her life to helping others see their own brilliance and sharing the tools to discover it.

Lori has provided training and coaching in the Family Recovery Center in San Diego in their Leadership Skills Module. As an established Toastmaster, she served as a mentor to many upcoming members. She is passionate about coaching as a way to create the client’s desired results.

She has a BS in Education from Ohio State University that is complemented by her Master’s Degree in Religious Studies.

Lori completed her coach training with Guiding Mindful Change

Network. As an Ordained Minister at Centers for Spiritual Living, she has been able to successfully mesh spiritual insights with practical tools for successful living.

Her keen ability to bring about profound changes in others through experiential exercises and honest feedback is never unnoticed by her students. She creates a safe and nurturing space for personal discovery work to happen. By encouraging and modeling open clear communication, those working with Lori are inspired to do the same.

Lori looks forward to serving SDPCA and helping to create delightful meetings for our members.

VP Membership: Margo Garcia

Margo Garcia works with accomplished, committed people determined to live a life of meaning and purpose. She is skilled at helping leaders build trust, grow their influence and increase their impact.  She has 30+ years’ experience coaching executive teams, senior/mid-level managers, and individuals.  She’s had a career in Organizational Development and corporate Human Resources, with the privilege of working with leaders in diverse organizations: large and small, decentralized, global, corporate and privately held companies. She is an Accomplishment Coaching Certified Coach with a BA in Psychology and an MBA from the University of Michigan. She is also certified to teach a number of leadership, performance, communication, accountability and change management programs and workshops.


Board Member At Large: Cindi Britton

Assisting individuals through transitions. Personal and Organizational Coaching is my second career. My first career, of over 38 years, was in K-8 public education serving as a School Principal, District Coordinator and Teacher of grades K-8. Throughout my, career I have assisted others in making transitions within their career as well as transitioning to new positions as I served as a “coach” to parents, teachers and students. I have consistently received complements on my organizational problem-solving abilities, intuitiveness, resources and ability to assist others in clarifying their personal goals and supporting them in making progress. I am now using those talents in the form of an Individual Life Coach assisting others to move forward in their lives toward maximum joy and happiness. I also serve as an Organizational Coach, assisting organizations in resolving group conflict and creating workable solutions to move the organization forward.