Board Member Roles


SDPCA offers the greater SD coaching community opportunities for professional development, connections and abundant resources; as well as provides the public direct access to business and life coaches and information on coaching.


To be the premier coaching resource in the greater SD area and beyond.


  • Be On Time & Come Prepared
  • Manage Yourself
  • Expect Positive Intent – Seek Clarity
  • Share Information & Make Group Decisions
  • Provide Solutions with Concerns
  • Do What You Say You Will Do
  • Own Your Role
  • Work in a Collaborative Spirit
  • Be Aware of Your Body Language & Tone
  • Be Care-frontational
  • Use Technology as Appropriate
  • Send Materials in Advance of Meetings
  • No Personal Agendas


  • Plans and runs the monthly program meetings in a timely manner, assuring proper room set up, greeting members, making announcements, and facilitating group activities.
  • Sets the agenda for and runs all monthly Board meetings.
  • Responsible for approving all expenses and is the signer on all banking transactions.
  • Responsible for oversight of policies and procedures (verifying accuracy).
  • Negotiates contracts with the meeting venue
  • Ultimately responsible for the inventory of all SDPCA owned equipment.
  • Carries inventory of ALL SDPCA related passwords (providing appropriate passwords to members as needed).
  • Is CC’d on ALL correspondence to/from SDPCA.
  • Attends outside events to represent the organization and build the membership.
  • Representative on the San Diego Collaboration.
  • Plans annual strategic planning/team building meeting in January.
  • Responsible for overseeing any personnel issues that arise amongst the Board.
  • Responsible for interviewing prospective Board members (provided by nominating committee) and makes final recommendations to the Board for approval
  • Trains President-Elect throughout the year.


  • Trains under the President for upcoming duties, projects, and operational functions.
  • Takes on any special projects the President assigns.
  • Conducts meetings in the President’s absence.
  • Follows up with members (by phone) who want to be more involved with the SDPCA.
  • Rings the bell to call the program meeting to order at 9:00 AM. Rings the bell again to reassemble members after the networking break.
  • In October of the current program year, interviews prospective Board members (provided by nominating committee) to fill vacancies when his/her position transitions to president. Makes final recommendations to the Board for approval in November.


  • The former President assumes this role (and remains on the Board as immediate Past-President).
  • Begins in transitioning the Board (in the September Board meeting) as the outgoing President and facilitates the transition to the new Board President.
  • Acts as ongoing advisor to the Board and President.
  • Heads and formulates the nominating committee to recruit members for open Board positions.
  • Conducts first level interviewing of prospective Board members for the upcoming program year.
  • Provides historical perspective.
  • Trains incoming Past-President when term expires.


  • Takes minutes at the monthly Board meetings and provides first draft to President and Treasurer for review and correction before distributing to the remainder of the Board.
  • Prepares initial agenda from action items listed in prior month’s minutes and submits to the President for review and approval. Then distributes to the Board to request any additional items.
  • Submits any updates to the President for approval and subsequent distribution.
  • Orders name badges for Board members in January.
  • Trains incoming Secretary when term expires.


  • Processes new and renewing membership and Coach Finder payments throughout the month upon receipt of payment from credit card and check payments.
  • Reviews and approves all expenses, ensuring the President has approved them, if appropriate.
  • Maintains/updates policies and procedures for all financial and membership information on QuickBooks and website.
  • Updates the membership and Coach Finder information on QuickBooks and the website.
  • Prepares monthly financial statements for presentation and approval of the Board.
  • Prepares annual financial statements in accordance with the Bylaws.
  • Reviews and approves all Board decisions to ensure they are in compliance with California State law as it relates to Nonprofit Corporations, Mutual Benefit Nonprofit Corporations and IRS guidelines referring to the tax exempt status of the Corporation.
  • Files appropriate periodic legal filings with the California Secretary of State.
  • Prepares monthly membership and member sign-in sheets.
  • Posts First-Time Guest forms to QuickBooks.
  • Prepares monthly list of all non-members for use by VP Membership at the registration table.
  • Maintains original documents relating to corporate formation, tax exemptions, contracts, and Board minutes.
  • Trains incoming Treasurer when term expires.


  • Interfaces with the Webmaster on any website need or issue.
  • Reviews and responds to all incoming correspondence that comes through the website, CC’ing the President.
  • Updates the web pages of the annual program summaries from information provided by the VP Professional Development.
  • Updates the web page of all Board member names and bios by Feb 1.
  • Updates the home page of the website to reflect the current and the following month’s program and any afternoon workshops by the first Friday after the meeting.
  • Creates/Develops/Maintains advertising space for website and works in collaboration with VP Marketing on content.
  • Maintains and updates the Community Partner/Alliance webpage based on information supplied by the VP Membership.
  • Produces the monthly newsletter, releasing it three times. The first issue is released approximately one week after the meeting (on a Tuesday or Wednesday) and repeated twice more, each one week apart.
  • Add speakers to the newsletter distribution list so they receive copies of the newsletters promoting their programs.
  • Monitors and updates the Google Analytics report.
  • Creates a press release announcing the new slate of Board members.
  • Develops relationships with the print and electronic media to promote International Coaching Week (Usually in May).
  • Trains incoming VP Communications when term expires.


  • Develops a sponsorship and advertising program that attracts vendors to promote their coaching-related products and services to our members subject to Board review and approval by February Board meeting.
  • Monitors the advertising program and sponsorship programs, assuring that expiring ads are removed according to insertion orders and sponsorship contracts.
  • Produces social media campaigns, including Facebook and LinkedIn, to generate greater awareness to the community.
  • Reviews ad content and works directly with VP Communications to get ads posted on website and/or newsletters
  • Adds Blogs to website when they are submitted.
  • Trains incoming VP Marketing when term expires.


  • Updates and prepares all member name badges for distribution at program meetings and collects them at the end of the meeting
  • Ensures copies of all necessary forms are available for meeting.
  • Runs the registration desk at meetings ensuring all members and non-members sign in and have an appropriate badge. Gathers information from prospective members on appropriate forms, and collects payments (checks or credit card information) for renewing members as well as meeting fees from returning non-member visitors.
  • Provides comprehensive membership information to all existing, new and prospective members.
  • Meets with guests or new members after each monthly meeting to review benefits of membership and answer any questions.
  • Reconciles all payments received at meeting with appropriate forms following meeting.
  • Sends all funds and completed meeting paperwork to Treasurer within 3 days of meeting.
  • Registers CCE/CEU applicants, collects payments, maintains sign-in/sign-out sheets, and distributes CCE/CEU certificates at the end of the meeting.
  • Sends email renewal reminders to members beginning one month prior to membership expiration.
  • Sends follow up emails to first-time meeting attendees and responds to other prospective membership inquiries.
  • Spearheads any projects related to membership/recruiting.
  • Attends outside events as a member to build membership.
  • Trains incoming VP Membership when term expires.


  • Solicits Speaker RFPs (with the active support of all Board Members) and scores them based on defined criteria outlined in the speaker evaluation grid and submits to the President for preliminary review.
  • Presents a slate of 15 speakers (three backup speakers in case of emergencies) for April of the current year through March of the following year for approval at our February Board meeting (soliciting support from the team to meet objective), citing rationale for selections. (The specific dates to slot each speaker do not have to be confirmed at that time.)
  • Once speakers are approved, finalizes the specific dates ensuring core coaching competency areas are addressed.
  • Notifies speakers who were and were NOT selected.
  • Evaluates all program content to determine whether it meets CCE criteria for BCC continuing education and communicates this to VP Communication for posting to the website and the newsletter.
  • Acts as SDPCA Liaison to the ICF and CCE (BCC).
  • Obtains CEU approvals from ICF to determine which programs will receive what amount of hours for core competency or resource development credits. This requires the VP to be an ICF certified member or to work with an ICF certified fellow Board member who can submit the request to ICF.
  • Ensures that CEU program renewals are current and paid – ICF ($200) per every 12 CEU and CCE (BCC – $50).
  • Sends finalized speaker list, bios, images, brief topic write-up and assigned CEU credits from ICF and personally assessed credits for BCC to the VP Communications (in a Word document for ease in copy/paste).
  • Responsible for creating the speaker evaluations for each meeting.
  • Houses/Sets-up all A/V equipment and ensures it is in place for each meeting.
  • Hosts the speakers and introduces them at the meeting.
  • Purchases and presents $25 gift cards to each speaker at the end of each program.
  • Confirms all speaker submissions with an e-mail response.
  • Creates monthly CEU form for each program and provides it to the VP Membership.
  • Collects speaker evaluations at the end of meetings. Creates the speaker evaluation form summary and submits to the President for approval prior to next board meeting.
  • Trains incoming VP Professional Development when term expires.


Members At Large (Do not have voting authority at Board meetings)


  • Fully supports the VP of Membership in the room set up.
  • Sets up the banner at the meeting entrance and responsible for storing it and bringing it to each meeting.
  • Assists with updates and prepares all member name badges for distribution at program meetings and collects them at the end of the meeting
  • Assists with the registration desk at meetings insuring all members sign in and all attendees have an appropriate badge.
  • Collects payments (cash, checks or credit card information) for membership, meeting fees, and CEU certificate fees.
  • Provides comprehensive membership information to all new and prospective members using appropriate forms, answering questions, and connecting prospective members to other members and Board members as appropriate.
  • Assists with meeting guests or new members after monthly meeting to discuss membership benefits and answer questions.
  • Assists with reconciling all payments received at meeting with appropriate forms following meeting.
  • Assists with registering CEU applicants, collecting the appropriate payments, maintaining the sign-in/sign-out sheet, and distributing the CEU certificates at the end of the meeting.
  • Assists with sending follow-up emails to first-time guests and responds to other prospective membership inquiries.
  • Assists with any projects related to membership/recruiting/retention.
  • Attends outside events as a member to build membership.
  • Trains incoming Member at Large – Membership when term expires.


  • Spearheads the Nonprofit Initiative by enlisting members to volunteer their services on a pro-bono basis.
  • Schedules and chairs the meeting with participating coaches to assist with outreach and engagement.
  • Coordinates special projects & events relating to the NP Initiative.
  • Connects with nonprofit organizations to offer our coaches in this capacity.
  • Fully supports the VP Membership with all registration activity at each monthly program meeting.
  • Trains incoming Member at Large – Outreach Coordinator when term expires.