Mindfullness picturePresident’s Message

The Key to Transformative Coaching is Mindfulness!

Dear members of SDPCA,

After a tumultuous few weeks, the new Interim Board has met and we are so impressed with the level of support, energy, commitment, enthusiasm, and creative ideas that have been pouring out from you. Members are taking action! Truly we are a Phoenix rising.

The Interim Board has met and now consists of:
Susan Curtin, Interim President
Bijan Zayer, President Elect
Carl Wellenstein, Interim Treasurer
Gwen Becknell, VP of Communications
In addition, Kevin Tucker has agreed to be interim VP of Membership and Sheryl Roush has agreed to be Interim VP of Marketing. Rex Paris also extended his help with Membership.

The transition between the former Board and the Interim Board continues to proceed in an orderly fashion. In the spirit of transparency, as soon as the minutes of our first meeting are approved, we’ll post them on the website for anyone to review.

What else is happening? Already a group of members has sourced new meeting locations and a decision is underway. Considerations have been space, amenities, free parking, and location convenience. The energy of this group of volunteers is amazing and the emails/contributions have been coming at lightning speed.

On another front, Past Presidents and other dedicated members have formed a Brain Trust group. This team of passionate and loyal individuals to SDPCA is focused on creating ways to guide the Board in its work, look at new meeting models, plus create strong links between the Board and the SDPCA members. This is a temporary Board committee and we are very excited to have them helping the Board and SDPCA members lay a much stronger foundation for the future.

A temporary Bylaws Committee is being formed to get us underway with documents that will also build a stronger foundation for the future. Amendments will bring our Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws into compliance, with you – our members – as the main focus for who we all serve.

Our May meeting is coming up on 5.8.17 at Keller Graduate School of Management Mission Valley, a one-time location until we agree on our permanent space. and we are so looking forward to seeing you there – members, past members, and future members. Jeff VanderWielen will be presenting his research on Purpose at a perfect time as we explore our updated purpose as an organization. We will have more news to share and the Interim Board will be happy to answer your questions.

If you have ideas, thoughts, or you want to contribute in some way, let us know. We are here to serve you and value your input, time, and energy. Many hands make light work – and it’s fun, too!

See you soon,
Susan Curtin