9/11/2017 – How to Position Yourself as the Go-To Expert in Your Niche Market

Speaker:  Debbie Allen

ICF: 1.5 hours (Resource Development)
BCC: 1.5 hours

Accelerate Your Market Positioning to Gain More Credibility, More Clients and More Sales

Quickly accelerate your brand awareness and expertise by effectively marketing yourself as the go-to expert within your niche market or industry. Learn how to become recognized as the authority and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

During this inspiring presentation, you will learn how to expand your value, increase your fees, and multiple your income streams to create more sales and profits.

You will learn how to:

  • Quickly accelerate your brand to become known as the go-to expert in your niche market.
  • Stand out, get noticed and gain more high-paying clients. 
  • Dominate your competition.
  • Create multiple income streams around your expertise to dramatically increase your income.

All participants will receive:
   1) A complimentary FREE pass to her 3-day workshop (value $1,997)
   2) A free copy of her book
   3) Three people will be selected from a drawing to get a complimentary coaching call with her! (You must be present to win.)


Debbie Allen, CSP, is an internationally recognized business and brand strategist and is also known as “The Market Positioning Expert.” She is a bestselling author of 9 books including The Highly Paid Expert and BIG VISION for Small Business. Debbie has presented before thousands in 28 countries and is ranked as one of the top professional women speakers worldwide. She as an award winning entrepreneur who has built and sold six million-dollar companies in diverse industries. Today, she supports clients in positioning themselves in the marketplace to stand out and create more income-generation opportunities. Debbie has been a business mentor to small business owners and entrepreneurs for over three decades.

Learn more about Debbie’s extensive expertise at www.DebbieAllen.com.

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8/14/2017 – Achieving Alignment with Yourself and the Clients You Serve

SPEAKERS:      Ken Sergi,  Timi Gleason, and Karen Dietz

ICF:  1.5 hours (Resource Development)
BCC: 1.5 hours

One of the single biggest obstacles to achieving client success has proven to be misalignment either between yourself or the clients that you serve. Our own bias can derail alignment and the client’s ability to get results, and the client’s bias can derail the organization’s ability to achieve its purpose. This is true across all coaching practices, regardless of industry or coach, which is a tremendous waste of time and resources, and is avoidable. When there is misalignment, it contributes to clients not doing the work, and predicts organizations failing. This session will be highly-interactive to explore how alignment works to achieve it for yourself and your clients regardless of the coaching environment or business practice. You will use your own real situations to discover the common language and obstacles, and how to navigate through it. Using the SDPCA experience for building our own alignment going forward, this session will demonstrate with real activities the process and techniques to achieve alignment with yourself, the clients you serve, and how clients can achieve it for greater purpose.


  1. Learn the process of alignment across all coaching practices
  2. Identify the pitfalls of misalignment and actions to take with yourself and your clients
  3. Understand how SDPCA is using these methods in its successful rebirth and how you can confidently apply the same with your clients


Ken Sergi
Ken is SDPCA’s Interim VP Professional Development, is an Organization Development (“OD”) expert, Master Trainer, and Certified Coach with more than 30 years diverse business coaching, leadership, and consulting experience. He has a unique passion for unlocking individual potential and transforming organizations into healthy high performing success stories, which have won awards and been profiled in numerous publications. He draws on his experience as an organization leader, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Human Resources Training Director, Instructor, and Executive Consultant with offices in North America and Europe.  For more information www.SergiConsulting.com




Timi Gleason
Timi, a Master Coach, is the Strategic Planner for SDPCA and first became an SDPCA member in 2003. She has specialty areas in Conversational Intelligence, Leadership Language, and Strategic Thinking. She is the Amazon author of Becoming Strategic: Leading with Focus and Inspiration (2015) and Coach as Strategic Partner (2010). Timi is Chief Facilitator of SDPCA’s Mastermind 2020 Club. For more information timi.gleason@nullgmail.com






Karen Dietz, PhD

Karen is SDPCA’s Interim Secretary. She is a veteran in business storytelling, coaching you to storytelling that inspires influences and impacts the bottom line. Wiley published her Business Storytelling for Dummies and she opened the 2013 TEDx Conference San Diego. She coaches business leaders in transformational storytelling so they’ll never ever be boring!  Clients include Fortune 1000 companies, rising stars, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs. For more information www.JustStoryIt.com

7/10/2017 – Coaching & Managing Millennials: Bridging the Generation Gap

Speaker: Erin Passons


ICF: 1.5 hours (Resource Development)
BCC: 1.5 hours

For the first time in history, four generations are working side by side.  Navigating generational differences in the workplace can be challenging: our diverse backgrounds, experiences, and societal influences determine some of the ways we behave at work and even the ways we perceive the idea of work.  These differing values, styles, and approaches can create misunderstandings and frustrations, especially when it comes to managing people from a different generation.  In particular, as the millennial generation joins the workforce in greater numbers, they are becoming a stronger voice, with distinct communication preferences and work styles.

This presentation will explore some of the factors that create generational characteristics, identify some of the most frequent problems and conflicts that arise between workers of different generations, and introduce strategies to impact the way we effectively work with others, especially the millennial population.  Once we take time to understand the motivations and mind-set of people younger (and older) than us, working with them, selling to them and managing them becomes a more successful effort.

Three key takeaways from this session:

  • Learn the primary drivers of generational differences at work and the issues that often arise
  • Identify common values and behavior patterns of each generation, and decide how closely these patterns align with your own individual approach as a member of your generation.
  • Gain strategies to work more effectively with coaching clients and team members from different generations, particularly millennials, who now make up the largest segment of the workforce.


  • Work more effectively with others from different generations who may have a different world view and perspective on work and life.
  • Integrate tips and strategies into your coaching practices so you can flex your style to resonate with more millennials.

About the Speaker

Erin Passons is the president and founder of Passons Consulting.  She has spent her career helping business leaders, managers, and employees improve their performance and effectiveness through professional development workshops and coaching.

Prior to launching her own consulting practice in 2011, Erin worked as a Management Consultant for Gallup, the research and consulting firm known for creating the StrengthsFinder assessment and for their work with global public opinion and workplace polling.  During her tenure at Gallup, Erin worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Best Buy, Hewlett Packard, Toyota, and Disney to provide training and coaching in the areas of management effectiveness, leadership development, performance management, employee engagement, and talent-based hiring.

Today she works with a variety of organizations to provide coaching and facilitation in the areas of Strengths-based performance, leadership development, and team building.  Her current clients include companies such as Qualcomm, Genentech, LPL Financial, and Vistage Worldwide.  Erin is also the founder of StrengthsNetwork San Diego, an association for StrengthsFinder professionals and followers in the Southern California region.  She has certified over 400 coaches in the Strengths-based approach, and is also a certified MBTI practitioner.

Her goal is to help people do what they do best, at work and in life.

Erin earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of California-Santa Barbara and received her MBA from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

For more information about Erin: www.PassonsConsulting.com.

6/12/2017 – Authenticity in Action

Speaker: Norma T. Hollis


Take the Authenticity Assessment and learn how it can be used as a coaching tool. The Authenticity Assessment is a nine-question assessment that enables people to examine their level of authenticity. When coaches learn the process and couple the assessment with the Authenricity Grid, they have a tool to gain deeper insight into their client from fresh perspectives. Based on 30 year research, this tool provides an easy way to identify specific strengths and vulnerabilities that impact a person’s authenticity as it relates to self-awareness. In this session you will take the Authenticity Assessment, score it and interpret your scores and how they impact your coaching practice.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn a new concepts and a new tool for increasing self-awareness.
  • Discover deeper meanings of authenticity and how it can be attained.
  • Uncover your personal strengths and vulnerabilities as relates to authentic coaching and learn how to improve.

About the Speaker:

Norma T. Hollis certifies and licenses coaches and speakers to share their authentic message. She is a BCC coach who developed the Authentic Voice System, a program used by coaches and speakers to assist clients with authenticity and self-awareness. The Authenticity Assessment and Authenticity Grid are the foundations of her work. Her programs are approved for CEU with BCC. She certifies Authenticity Coaches and licenses them to use her system. Norma was also a host during the 2016 WBECS Summit. She is a prolific speaker, trainer and coach and an expert on what it means to live with authenticity.

For more information: www.NormaHollis.com; www.SeedsofSelf.com

5/8/2017 – Why Purpose Matters: How to inspire a deeper level of engagement, commitment and action in work and life

Speaker:  Jeff Vanderwielen, PhD, founder of ZGroup, Inc

Program: A powerful way to motivate clients to stretch, grow and work through barriers is to connect them to their deeper sense of purpose and meaning in life. People anchored in a clear sense of purpose, how they serve others or something bigger than themselves, are more focused, engaged, committed, productive, and satisfied in life and work. In this session we will explore what purpose is, why it matters and ways to connect your clients to purpose, inspiring them to achieve their highest goals in life and work.


In this session you will learn:

  • A model of personal purpose to guide your conversations and work with clients
  • A process to help your clients to discover their personal purpose
  • Techniques your clients can use to activate purpose in others


  • Broaden your coaching repertoire
  • Extend your coaching range and influence with executive clients
  • New ideas on how to help your clients inspire greater engagement and commitment in others – their direct reports and team

Speaker Bio: Jeff Vanderwielen, PhD is the founder of ZGroup, Inc. a consulting firm dedicated to helping leaders and organizations master complexity and change.  Jeff is an organization development expert who translates emerging trends in the social good and purpose landscape into actionable, results-driven initiatives for clients.  He brings 20+ years of experience helping global orgnaizations articulate a compelling purpose – their core good – as the organizing center for their vision, strategy and culture.  Jeff has facilitated hundreds of interacitve workshops with top organizations using simulations, stories, and iterative engagement processes to help leaders learn by doing.  He has developed a purpose-centered leadership program designed to make purpose a vital force across the enterprise.  This is achieved by helping leaders embody their own purpose, activate purpose in others and embed a culture of purpose across the organization.  His forthcoming book The Purpose Revolution: How Leaders Create Engagement and Competitive Advantage in the Age of Social Good will provide leaders with a new paradigm of leadership along with tools and practices to help them to thrive in the emerging purpose-centered economy. Most recently Jeff was featured at the 2016 Sustainable Brands Conference in San Diego where he conducted a workshop entitled Future-Proof Branding from the Inside Out: Embedding Purpose in Your Workforce


3/13/2017 – Self-Awareness: The Key to Transformative Coaching

Speaker: Billie Frances, M.A., Certified Mindful Coach, Board Certified Coach

Program:  Are you comfortable when clients don’t have goals and action plans?  Are you willing to not hurry clients who encounter snags along the way?  Do you practice being committed but not attached?

In order to powerfully serve our clients, we must fully commit to consistent and constant self-awareness.   We need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, trust the process when we don’t know, and practice patience as clients’ solutions bubble to the surface.

Clients want their coach to deeply listen, to be committed to their transformation, and to give them space to shift their mindset, perspective and experience.  They want a coach who practices presence, trusts the moment and is fully self-aware.


Join this interactive presentation to discovery pathways to become more valuable to your clients as you:

  • Recognize your connectedness to all things
  • Remain attentive, nonjudgmental and accepting
  • Let go of any desire to control, achieve, or resolve


  • Learn the difference between facilitative and transformative coaching
  • More clearly recognize the need to do your own exploration before you can take other people deeper
  • Generate a plan to begin to clear blocks, barriers and biases that keep you from being completely available

Speaker Bio:

From a place of deep connection to herself, Billie is available to help others who want to make conscious choices to improve the quality of their lives, health, relationships and careers.  She has been a coach since 1996 and has trained hundreds of mindful coaches nation-wide since 2000.

Billie is a Board Certified Coach and training provider for both the Center for Credentialing and Education’s Board Certified Coach (BCC) program and the National Credentialing Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaches (NCCHWC).  She is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Health Coach and an ACE Behavior Change Specialist and Master Coach.  Billie has served as President for the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance and the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

2/13/2017 – Follow-up: Conversational Intelligence

Susan Curtin did a wonderful job in February going through the importance and impact of conversational intelligence.  If you enjoyed her topic, you might be interested in further information on this topic.  Attached is an Executive Book Summary of Conversational Intelligence by Judith E. Glaser.  Susan mentioned this book during her workshop.


2/13/2017 – Conversational Intelligence®: Co-creating better coaching relationships

Speaker: Susan Curtin, MS, CEAP, BCC, MCEC

Have you ever considered that there are ways to masterfully manage your client conversations? Are you currently able to intentionally create coaching transformations for others? Can you move a conversation from Level 1 to Level 3?  Would you like to know how coaches do these things and what are Levels 1, 2 and 3 conversations?

In this program you will see how to combine the principles of Emotional Intelligence and emotional chemistry to introduce new coaching tools that will transform your business whether you are an Executive Coach or Life Coach.  Join us to learn how to integrate into your coaching practice a cutting edge coaching tool called Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ).

You’ll be able to use these C-IQ techniques in your coaching practice as well as in social, family and work relationships. You’ll learn how to truly “Listen-to-Connect” to others whose values are different from yours, and how to help clients make critical changes in the quality of their communication in a matter of seconds.

The three key elements you’ll learn in this session

  • How we “turn trust off and on in others” with our conversations
  • How to build trust and how to manage it across a trust continuum
  • How to identify the Three Levels of Conversation, and change them mid-stream.


  • Increase the number of coaching clients that you can attract
  • Heighten your receptivity (and creativity) when working with clients
  • Step up your practice to working at a higher level of sophistication and mastery

Speaker Bio:

Susan founded a leadership, talent and succession management consulting firm, Insights4Results, LLC, to fill a need in public and private organizations to develop leadership capacities, thereby ensuring a pool of talent to fill their key positions. Her company has delivered executive coaching services to corporate, public and non-profit organizations since 2008. Susan created and licensed Managing4Results™, a successful, comprehensive management program that incorporates development of a department managers’ role as a coach for ongoing employee engagement and increased retention. This program helps managers learn: “How to be, what to do and when to do” in order to build stronger relationships with their direct reports through giving constructive feedback, coaching, and communicating in ways that truly motivate and enable teams to achieve greater results. Managing4Results™ provides a certification program for coaches, consultants and trainers interested in utilizing this proven training program for their current and future client organizations.

Susan has two decades of successful internal experience coaching and mentoring managers to successfully transition to the next stage of leadership. She has expertise in enhancing and expanding leaders’ Emotional Intelligence, interpersonal savvy and political acumen. She has created award-winning leadership development programs incorporating leadership competencies, coaching and mentoring and designed special action learning projects, recognized for her excellence by ATD and NACO. She taught six years in the ICF-approved Certificate Program, Coaching for Organizational Excellence, through San Diego State University.

Susan is a Board Certified Executive Coach, Certified Employee Assistance Professional and has the Master Corporate and Executive Coaching designation. In addition, she completed the first Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ).

Certification program also incorporates the C-IQ tools & techniques into her coaching and organization development practice.

For more information about Susan: www.Insights4Results.com


1/9/2017 – Follow Up – The Art of Asking Great Questions

In January, we had our distinguished past president, Tamara Furman, speak to the group on The Art of Asking Great Questions.  In order to be truly effective as an executive, leadership or life coach, leader or consultant we must learn and practice the art of asking great questions.  Being curious, courageous and often a bit controversial are some of the key elements of this art.  As a group exercise, everyone in attendance provided their most effective go-to coaching question.  As a result, we came up with a list of questions that you may consider using in your coaching engagements.  Here is the full list of the questions we came up with:

  • What will success in this area look like?
  • What questions are you asking yourself?
  • How will this decision effect you in five years?
  • Would you be willing to go deeper than that?
  • How can I help you?
  • How did you arrive at this conclusion?
  • What would … look like or feel like for you?
  • What do you most need right now?
  • What is the impact of that?
  • What is your ideal outcome?
  • What (question) would your future self, who has already accomplished this, tell you right now?
  • What would you like to know, which you don’t know yet?
  • What does your inner-wisdom tell you?
  • Where is your pain right now in your business or management position?
  • Why are you in this business?
  • What motivates you to serve your clients?
  • What business are you really in?
  • How do you see this process working so that it’s most efficient?
  • What makes this difficult for you?
  • What is the impact of doing/not doing it?
  • What excited you the most about xyz?
  • What is most important to you right now?
  • How do you do your most clear and focused thinking?
  • What are you most proud of accomplishing since our last session?
  • Where would you like to go with that?
  • What is your animating passion? And how does that drive your philanthropy?
  • If you weren’t afraid (of failing), what would you be doing?
  • When/where do you feel most powerful?
  • How can you use what you learned in today’s session to forward your progress toward your long-term goal?
  • What are you making this mean about you?
  • Where else in your life have you noticed this happening?
  • How does that make you feel?
  • What is the benefit to … ?
  • What’s behind that?
  • What else?
  • Do you know this is true? What are other possibilities?
  • How can we best spend our time today?
  • How would you like to see/feel/hear/be?
  • How else could you introduce this theme in a manner that would grab the listener’s interest?
  • What led you to reach out to a public speaking coach?
  • Which question would you like for me to ask you next/now?

Our goal as an organization is to provide key value to our membership.

1/9/2017 – The Art of Asking Great Questions

Tamara Furman

Speaker: Tamara Furman, PCC, BCC, CPBA/CPMA

Program: The Art of Asking Great Questions

If you examined your professional conversations with your clients, what percentage of the time are you engaged in talking?  What are you saying when you are talking?  Are you providing advice, based upon your own experience, rendering your opinion on what you would do, or are you engaged in asking questions to help your client think things through and come to his or her own conclusions?  In order to be truly effective as an executive, leadership or life coach, leader or consultant we must learn and practice the art of asking great questions.  Being curious, courageous and often a bit controversial are some of the key elements of this art.  Coming from a place of “knowing” is one of the traps of being perceived as a tactical, technical expert rather than a strategic partner.  The International Coach Federation has established a list of core coaching competencies, some of which include: Establishing a Coaching Agreement, Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client, Coaching Presence, Active Listening, Powerful Questioning, Direct Communication, Creating Awareness, Designing Actions, Planning and Goal Setting, and Managing Progress and Accountability.  The art of asking great questions is in support of mastering each one of these.  Join us to learn more about this art and be prepared to practice and provide feedback to others during this interactive learning session.

  • Learn practical tips to shift your presence from “technical expert” to “strategic partner”
  • Understand and learn the art of asking great questions and what to do when you cannot think of a great question to ask
  • Learn how asking questions can truly differentiate you from others

Speaker Bio:

Tamara is the CEO and Co-Founder of the San Diego Leadership Institute, Inc., which supports leaders at all levels of development in the greater San Diego community.  San Diego Leadership Institute specializes in partnering with leaders who have great technical and/or functional area expertise and have an opportunity to strengthen their capabilities in the area of coaching others for optimal results, developing emotional and social intelligence to increase situational effectiveness, developing increased self-awareness in order to communicate more effectively and influence others, strengthening leadership presence and individual brand, navigating the transition from leading self to leading others or the transition to leading other leaders.  Her firm supports leaders and their teams with leadership development coursework facilitated by seasoned business professionals, executive coaching with ICF credentialed coaches who have significant business experience, team-building workshops that elevate connections and communication – led by certified professionals, and a wide-variety of assessment tools which elevate an individual’s self-awareness.

Tamara brings over 19 years of hands-on business experience as a senior executive, certified and credentialed executive coach, group/team facilitator, strategic OD/HR consultant, trainer, and entrepreneur.   She is passionate about partnering with successful leaders who have a desire to maximize their full potential, achieve remarkable results, and make a difference in the lives of those they lead.

Tamara has successfully helped private, public and non-profit organizations in a variety of industries.  She worked internally as a senior leader at SD Union-Tribune, SD Padres, AMN Healthcare, Hunter Industries, and finally as the Chief HR Officer at Search Optics.

Tamara obtained her coaching certification at the Hudson Institute of Coaching and went on to earn her coaching credential through the International Coach Federation (ICF).  She is a Board Certified Coach (BCC) through the Center for Credentialing and Education, Inc.  Tamara is a Certified Professional Behavioral and Motivations Analyst (CPBA/CPMA) and is certified as an Emotional Intelligence Coach.  She is authorized to administer, train and coach on several assessment tools, including Emotional Intelligence Bar-On EQ-i 2.0, EQ 360, TTI Success Insights TriMetrix DNA (DISC, Behaviors, Motivators, and Core Competencies), Insights Discovery, Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), FIRO-B, TKI Conflict Mode Instrument and Predictive Index.  Tamara graduated with her B.S. in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco and is finishing her M.S. in Executive Leadership at the University of San Diego (expected May 2017).  She has served on the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance Board of Directors as President-Elect (2015), President (2016) and is currently serving as Past President.  She also currently serves as President-Elect on the San Diego HR Forum Board of Directors.

To learn more, please visit:  www.sandiegoleadershipinstitute.com