1/8/2018 – The Power of Showing Up: Courage, Coaching and Positive Change

ICF: 1.5 hours – Core Competencies
BCC: 1.5 hours

Speaker:  Eric Kaufmann, executive coach and author of “The Four Virtues of a Leader


Stop and think for a moment, are there times in your coaching conversations when you hold back? Not because it’s polite, or wise, or appropriate, but because you don’t want to lose something (reputation, relationship, money, respect, authority, status).

It’s imperative that you, as coach, “Show Up,” that you shine your authentic expression. It’s enlivening to you, and it’s a powerful demonstration to your client to shine in their own life. Being authentic, it turns out, isn’t a matter of some absolute, singular self, but an unfolding state of presence; a state that is fed by courage and compassion. Coaching from this state catalyzes every coaching interaction and discussion.

Benefits from this Session:

  • Accelerate clients’ ability to clarify their gifts and talents
  • Move from pleasing and colluding to challenging and enlivening
  • Feed personal and professional growth and effectiveness


Eric Kaufmann is an executive coach, author, and facilitator who guides leaders to go below the surface and beyond the obvious so they can think more clearly, make better decisions, and relate wholeheartedly. Eric’s book, The Four Virtues of a Leader, explores the essential virtues shared by successful, passionate, and creative leaders and how they navigate through uncertainty and anxiety. His work is shaped from the crucible of his journey which includes 17 years of leadership coaching and consulting, management roles at Fortune 100 firms, degrees in business and psychology, a quarter century of Zen practice, and living in Israel and South Africa.  Sagatica, from Sagacity, the Latin for Wisdom, acuteness of mental discernment and ability to make good judgments.

For more information:  www.sagatica.com

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12/11/2017 – Who Do You Think You Are?: A Coaching Mastery Conversation.

ICF: 1.5 hours (Core Competencies)
BCC: 1.5 hours

SPEAKER:  Christopher McAuliffe, MCC, founder of Accomplishment Coaching, an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program, Host and Producer of “The Coaching Show” since 2002, and previous SDPCA President.


Get ready for a lively and humorous interactive session… about two major issues in coaching and in coaching certification. 

In this fast-paced, high-level session, we will look at:

  1. Our judgments and opinions, biases and blind spots as coach,


  1. Exploring what Coaching Presence is – and what it is not.
  • First, we will look at Coaching Bias – a hot topic in coaching, coach training, and organizations! 
    • We will do some of the work from this year’s Coach Training Summit on “Calling In Power and Culture,” held in Toronto. 
    • We will take on some exercises to explore our own self-definition, and discover how others might be relating to us. 
    • We will consider how we are impacting our clients based on our own biases and blind spots in coaching, and in life. 
  • Second, we will do some exercises to learn more about Coaching Presence, one of the most elusive of the ICF Core Competencies.
  • We will also discover how to shift, expand or ‘rein in’ our own Coaching Presence based on the work we do on bias and culture.
  • Throughout, we will practice, give and get feedback, and get an opportunity to become more authentic, and all the while getting rid of some of our “shoulds.”
  • There will be music and candy, and awareness that you can use immediately in your coaching practice!

Benefits from this Session:

  • Discover previously unseen drivers of your own behavior… and the behavior of your clients!
  • Get feedback on your Coaching Presence, and learn how to shift it.
  • Take on the most important element of your coaching practice – you! 
    • Improve your connection with clients.
    • Get even clearer on your relationship with yourself, and what you are presenting to the world.
    • Learn how to maximize your impact and avoid pitfalls in sessions with prospective clients and organizations.
  • Have fun while you learn!  Hilarity will ensue! Did we mention there’s chocolate?

About the speaker:

Christopher McAuliffe, MCC, is a force in the world of ontological coaching and beyond. His high-powered, humor-filled approach has yielded him his own internationally successful ICF-Accredited coach training program (www.AccomplishmentCoaching.com), which has trained thousands of people over the past 17 years around the world. In his role of CEO, Christopher oversees the production of nine Training Programs in six cities in North America. Accomplishment Coaching provides training and coaching services to organizations, including the United Nations Population Fund, Major League Soccer, UBiome, and more. Also, Christopher is host and producer of an ICF-international-partnered podcast (www.TheCoachingShow.com).  Through The Coaching Show, each week for the past 14 years he has spoken with leaders in coaching, including Thomas Leonard, Debbie Ford, Robert Kiyosaki, John Grey, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Werner Erhard, Julio Ollaia, T. Harv Ecker and more!

Christopher holds a Master Certified Coach (MCC) accreditation, and is twice Past-President of the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance. He has worked with the ICF-IRB for over eight years in the area of Coaching Ethics – investigating and adjudicating ethical and consumer complaints against coaches.

From over 24 years of experience, Christopher brings the knowledge and wisdom of a master coach.  With over 500 coaches trained by him personally in small groups around the world, Christopher brings the power and understanding of a master trainer, as well. 

For more information: www.AccomplishmentCoaching.com.

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11/13/2017 – The Coach’s Guide to the Executive Brain

ICF: .5 hours – Core Competencies, .5 hours Resource Development
BCC: 1.5 hours

Speaker:  Madeleine Homan Blanchard, MCC, MS in Neuroleadership, co-founder of Blanchard Coaching Services, TED Fellow coaches, and founding board member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)


As consultants and coaches we need to understand how the latest research in neuroscience can support our recommendations. In this session Master Certified Coach will share:

  1. Some Surprising Truths about the Brain— what your brain needs for optimal functioning, what stresses it, and how to manage situations when it is overwhelmed or exhausted.
  2. Key Laws of Extreme Brain Care—how we can all arrange our workday to make better decisions and achieve new levels of self-control.
  3. How to help leaders to create a “Brain-Friendly Environment”.

Set yourself—and your clients—up for success through a better understanding of brain functioning.

Benefits from this session:

1) Identify what you are already doing that supports your own optimal brain function and what you might shift to make it even better.

2) Understand extremely complex scientific concepts in a way that you can quickly and easily explain them to a regular person.

3) Try on different ways to share critical information about the brain with your clients (when they really need to know) to help them shift their own behaviors to be more what they want to be (creative, kind, patient, generous, energetic, wise – you name it!).

About the speaker:

Madeleine Homan Blanchard, MS in Neuroleadership, is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) for The Ken Blanchard Companies®, a co-founder of Blanchard® Coaching Services team, a certified Mentor Coach, one of the select TED Fellow coaches, senior leader and founding advisory board member of Coach University, and founding board member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). The Blanchard® Coaching services team has 150 coaches who have worked in more than 250 companies worldwide coaching more than 40,000 executives. She is also a co-creator of the Coaching Management System, Blanchard’s internet platform that supports large-scale coaching initiatives. With her deep understanding of human behavior and her humor, she inspires leaders to use coaching concepts to increase their effectiveness in their professional and personal lives. She write a weekly advice column for people at work called “Ask Madeleine”.

Madeleine has more than 28 years of experience in the coaching profession and specializes in consulting with companies that want to establish a coaching culture. She is coauthor of Blanchard’s coaching skills program Coaching Essentials®, and the books “Leverage Your Best, Ditch the Rest: The Coaching Secrets Executives Depend on”; “Coaching in Organizations”; “Leading at a Higher Level”; and “Coaching for Leadership: The Practice of Leadership Coaching from the World’s Greatest Coaches”.

A pioneer in the coaching profession, Madeleine was a senior leader and founding advisory board member of Coach University and founding board member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). She also founded Straightline Coaching, a company devoted to the success and satisfaction of creative geniuses. Madeleine received her Master’s of Science degree in Neuroleadership from Middlesex University, was one of the select TED Fellow Coaches, she coaches recipients of fellowships from the TED organization.

For more information: www.KenBlanchard.com  and  https://leaderchat.org

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10/9/2017 – “Insighting” Yourself and Your Clients to Faster, More Meaningful Coaching Results: Taking Care of Business with the Enneagram

Speaker:  R. Karl Hebenstreit, Ph.D.

ICF: 1.5 hours (Core Competency)
BCC: 1.5 hours

Learn your individual coaching style to address deeper transformational needs of your clients, and discover how to use one of the most rapidly growing public domain typing systems for instant acceptance and application. If you’ve experienced costly certification tools that your clients don’t care about or use, then your search is over.  This system is being used worldwide in large and small organizations including the US government leadership coaching.



Available FREE to Members (a $92 value)

To obtain your free customized report, you must send an email to programs@nullsandiegocoaches.org with your name no later than Tuesday, September 27.

MEMBERS: You will receive a direct email reply from the Speaker with a private link for you to take the confidential assessment online. Your 42-page report will be provided at the October 9 session, thus you must attend to receive it. You must be a member to do the assessment and receive the report for free.

NOT A MEMBER, BUT WANT THE FREE REPORT? Join SDPCA before 9/25 (only $100) by going to http://sandiegocoaches.org/membership/become-a-member/ Your report is provided only at the meeting, thus you must attend to receive it.

You do not need to take the assessment to attend the meeting.

In this interactive session you will gain a working knowledge of the Enneagram and learn how to use it to adapt your coaching style for greater self awareness and coaching presence, and introduce it to your clients for instant acceptance and application. You will identify the implications of each Enneagram’s style on ethics, the establishment of agreements, challenges to keeping on task, the importance of focusing on trust-building and intimacy for some types more than others, the challenges of each type to being present, and practicing active listening, powerful questions designed to access, incorporate, and stimulate under-developed functions, relationship to communication styles and influence strategies, and how the Enneagram can provide insights to developing meaningful awareness, goals, accountability, and drive actions in your clients.

You will also brainstorm ways of applying this model to organizational challenges, while seeing how the system correlates to and complements existing seminal models like MBTI, DiSC, Hogan, TKI, Kepner-Tregoe, etc.  To optimize your experience with the Enneagram and how it would work in a client engagement, participants will take the Integrative9 Enneagram test and receive their complimentary 42-page personal report (a $92 value!) for free at this session.

Benefits from this session:

  • Receive a customized 42-page report to understand your own coaching style and how to adapt for greater impact. This is normally $92 but free to members at this session.
  • Gain a working knowledge of the Enneagram and how to present it to diverse clients for instant acceptance and application that keeps clients on track and drives powerful results.
  • Identify the blind spots, challenges, and communication styles of each type for more powerful questions and influence.
  • Correlate how the Enneagram model can be used alone, or as a complement to existing tools to address organizational challenges.


R. Karl Hebenstreit, Ph.D., 20+ year career spans the areas of coaching, Human Resources (HR) and Organization Development (OD) as a consultant, employee, and executive in diverse industries worldwide.  This has included professional services, life sciences, healthcare, clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, high-tech, and real estate services. Clients and employers have included Merck, Bellcore, AT&T, Lee Hecht Harrison, Cushman & Wakefield, Kaiser Permanente, EMC², and Bio-Rad Laboratories. He is currently working at Genentech/Roche as an Organization Development Consultant.  His clients range from individual contributors to Senior Vice Presidents worldwide being coached in interpersonal effectiveness/EQ, strategic thinking, professional growth/development, team-building, and new leadership role integration.

His PhD is in Organizational Psychology from CSPP and his MS is in HR Management from Rutgers.  Check out his new book, The How and Why: Taking Care of Business with the Enneagram. www.PerformandFunction.com.

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9/11/2017 – How to Position Yourself as the Go-To Expert in Your Niche Market

Speaker:  Debbie Allen

ICF: 1.5 hours (Resource Development)
BCC: 1.5 hours

Accelerate Your Market Positioning to Gain More Credibility, More Clients and More Sales

Quickly accelerate your brand awareness and expertise by effectively marketing yourself as the go-to expert within your niche market or industry. Learn how to become recognized as the authority and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

During this inspiring presentation, you will learn how to expand your value, increase your fees, and multiple your income streams to create more sales and profits.

You will learn how to:

  • Quickly accelerate your brand to become known as the go-to expert in your niche market.
  • Stand out, get noticed and gain more high-paying clients. 
  • Dominate your competition.
  • Create multiple income streams around your expertise to dramatically increase your income.

All participants will receive:
   1) A complimentary FREE pass to her 3-day workshop (value $1,997)
   2) A free copy of her book
   3) Three people will be selected from a drawing to get a complimentary coaching call with her! (You must be present to win.)


Debbie Allen, CSP, is an internationally recognized business and brand strategist and is also known as “The Market Positioning Expert.” She is a bestselling author of 9 books including The Highly Paid Expert and BIG VISION for Small Business. Debbie has presented before thousands in 28 countries and is ranked as one of the top professional women speakers worldwide. She as an award winning entrepreneur who has built and sold six million-dollar companies in diverse industries. Today, she supports clients in positioning themselves in the marketplace to stand out and create more income-generation opportunities. Debbie has been a business mentor to small business owners and entrepreneurs for over three decades.

Learn more about Debbie’s extensive expertise at www.DebbieAllen.com.

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8/14/2017 – Achieving Alignment with Yourself and the Clients You Serve

SPEAKERS:      Ken Sergi,  Timi Gleason, and Karen Dietz

ICF:  1.5 hours (Resource Development)
BCC: 1.5 hours

One of the single biggest obstacles to achieving client success has proven to be misalignment either between yourself or the clients that you serve. Our own bias can derail alignment and the client’s ability to get results, and the client’s bias can derail the organization’s ability to achieve its purpose. This is true across all coaching practices, regardless of industry or coach, which is a tremendous waste of time and resources, and is avoidable. When there is misalignment, it contributes to clients not doing the work, and predicts organizations failing. This session will be highly-interactive to explore how alignment works to achieve it for yourself and your clients regardless of the coaching environment or business practice. You will use your own real situations to discover the common language and obstacles, and how to navigate through it. Using the SDPCA experience for building our own alignment going forward, this session will demonstrate with real activities the process and techniques to achieve alignment with yourself, the clients you serve, and how clients can achieve it for greater purpose.


  1. Learn the process of alignment across all coaching practices
  2. Identify the pitfalls of misalignment and actions to take with yourself and your clients
  3. Understand how SDPCA is using these methods in its successful rebirth and how you can confidently apply the same with your clients


Ken Sergi
Ken is SDPCA’s Interim VP Professional Development, is an Organization Development (“OD”) expert, Master Trainer, and Certified Coach with more than 30 years diverse business coaching, leadership, and consulting experience. He has a unique passion for unlocking individual potential and transforming organizations into healthy high performing success stories, which have won awards and been profiled in numerous publications. He draws on his experience as an organization leader, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Human Resources Training Director, Instructor, and Executive Consultant with offices in North America and Europe.  For more information www.SergiConsulting.com




Timi Gleason
Timi, a Master Coach, is the Strategic Planner for SDPCA and first became an SDPCA member in 2003. She has specialty areas in Conversational Intelligence, Leadership Language, and Strategic Thinking. She is the Amazon author of Becoming Strategic: Leading with Focus and Inspiration (2015) and Coach as Strategic Partner (2010). Timi is Chief Facilitator of SDPCA’s Mastermind 2020 Club. For more information timi.gleason@nullgmail.com






Karen Dietz, PhD

Karen is SDPCA’s Interim Secretary. She is a veteran in business storytelling, coaching you to storytelling that inspires influences and impacts the bottom line. Wiley published her Business Storytelling for Dummies and she opened the 2013 TEDx Conference San Diego. She coaches business leaders in transformational storytelling so they’ll never ever be boring!  Clients include Fortune 1000 companies, rising stars, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs. For more information www.JustStoryIt.com

7/10/2017 – Coaching & Managing Millennials: Bridging the Generation Gap

Speaker: Erin Passons


ICF: 1.5 hours (Resource Development)
BCC: 1.5 hours

For the first time in history, four generations are working side by side.  Navigating generational differences in the workplace can be challenging: our diverse backgrounds, experiences, and societal influences determine some of the ways we behave at work and even the ways we perceive the idea of work.  These differing values, styles, and approaches can create misunderstandings and frustrations, especially when it comes to managing people from a different generation.  In particular, as the millennial generation joins the workforce in greater numbers, they are becoming a stronger voice, with distinct communication preferences and work styles.

This presentation will explore some of the factors that create generational characteristics, identify some of the most frequent problems and conflicts that arise between workers of different generations, and introduce strategies to impact the way we effectively work with others, especially the millennial population.  Once we take time to understand the motivations and mind-set of people younger (and older) than us, working with them, selling to them and managing them becomes a more successful effort.

Three key takeaways from this session:

  • Learn the primary drivers of generational differences at work and the issues that often arise
  • Identify common values and behavior patterns of each generation, and decide how closely these patterns align with your own individual approach as a member of your generation.
  • Gain strategies to work more effectively with coaching clients and team members from different generations, particularly millennials, who now make up the largest segment of the workforce.


  • Work more effectively with others from different generations who may have a different world view and perspective on work and life.
  • Integrate tips and strategies into your coaching practices so you can flex your style to resonate with more millennials.

About the Speaker

Erin Passons is the president and founder of Passons Consulting.  She has spent her career helping business leaders, managers, and employees improve their performance and effectiveness through professional development workshops and coaching.

Prior to launching her own consulting practice in 2011, Erin worked as a Management Consultant for Gallup, the research and consulting firm known for creating the StrengthsFinder assessment and for their work with global public opinion and workplace polling.  During her tenure at Gallup, Erin worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Best Buy, Hewlett Packard, Toyota, and Disney to provide training and coaching in the areas of management effectiveness, leadership development, performance management, employee engagement, and talent-based hiring.

Today she works with a variety of organizations to provide coaching and facilitation in the areas of Strengths-based performance, leadership development, and team building.  Her current clients include companies such as Qualcomm, Genentech, LPL Financial, and Vistage Worldwide.  Erin is also the founder of StrengthsNetwork San Diego, an association for StrengthsFinder professionals and followers in the Southern California region.  She has certified over 400 coaches in the Strengths-based approach, and is also a certified MBTI practitioner.

Her goal is to help people do what they do best, at work and in life.

Erin earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of California-Santa Barbara and received her MBA from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

For more information about Erin: www.PassonsConsulting.com.

6/12/2017 – Authenticity in Action

Speaker: Norma T. Hollis


Take the Authenticity Assessment and learn how it can be used as a coaching tool. The Authenticity Assessment is a nine-question assessment that enables people to examine their level of authenticity. When coaches learn the process and couple the assessment with the Authenricity Grid, they have a tool to gain deeper insight into their client from fresh perspectives. Based on 30 year research, this tool provides an easy way to identify specific strengths and vulnerabilities that impact a person’s authenticity as it relates to self-awareness. In this session you will take the Authenticity Assessment, score it and interpret your scores and how they impact your coaching practice.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn a new concepts and a new tool for increasing self-awareness.
  • Discover deeper meanings of authenticity and how it can be attained.
  • Uncover your personal strengths and vulnerabilities as relates to authentic coaching and learn how to improve.

About the Speaker:

Norma T. Hollis certifies and licenses coaches and speakers to share their authentic message. She is a BCC coach who developed the Authentic Voice System, a program used by coaches and speakers to assist clients with authenticity and self-awareness. The Authenticity Assessment and Authenticity Grid are the foundations of her work. Her programs are approved for CEU with BCC. She certifies Authenticity Coaches and licenses them to use her system. Norma was also a host during the 2016 WBECS Summit. She is a prolific speaker, trainer and coach and an expert on what it means to live with authenticity.

For more information: www.NormaHollis.com; www.SeedsofSelf.com

5/8/2017 – Why Purpose Matters: How to inspire a deeper level of engagement, commitment and action in work and life

Speaker:  Jeff Vanderwielen, PhD, founder of ZGroup, Inc

Program: A powerful way to motivate clients to stretch, grow and work through barriers is to connect them to their deeper sense of purpose and meaning in life. People anchored in a clear sense of purpose, how they serve others or something bigger than themselves, are more focused, engaged, committed, productive, and satisfied in life and work. In this session we will explore what purpose is, why it matters and ways to connect your clients to purpose, inspiring them to achieve their highest goals in life and work.


In this session you will learn:

  • A model of personal purpose to guide your conversations and work with clients
  • A process to help your clients to discover their personal purpose
  • Techniques your clients can use to activate purpose in others


  • Broaden your coaching repertoire
  • Extend your coaching range and influence with executive clients
  • New ideas on how to help your clients inspire greater engagement and commitment in others – their direct reports and team

Speaker Bio: Jeff Vanderwielen, PhD is the founder of ZGroup, Inc. a consulting firm dedicated to helping leaders and organizations master complexity and change.  Jeff is an organization development expert who translates emerging trends in the social good and purpose landscape into actionable, results-driven initiatives for clients.  He brings 20+ years of experience helping global orgnaizations articulate a compelling purpose – their core good – as the organizing center for their vision, strategy and culture.  Jeff has facilitated hundreds of interacitve workshops with top organizations using simulations, stories, and iterative engagement processes to help leaders learn by doing.  He has developed a purpose-centered leadership program designed to make purpose a vital force across the enterprise.  This is achieved by helping leaders embody their own purpose, activate purpose in others and embed a culture of purpose across the organization.  His forthcoming book The Purpose Revolution: How Leaders Create Engagement and Competitive Advantage in the Age of Social Good will provide leaders with a new paradigm of leadership along with tools and practices to help them to thrive in the emerging purpose-centered economy. Most recently Jeff was featured at the 2016 Sustainable Brands Conference in San Diego where he conducted a workshop entitled Future-Proof Branding from the Inside Out: Embedding Purpose in Your Workforce


3/13/2017 – Self-Awareness: The Key to Transformative Coaching

Speaker: Billie Frances, M.A., Certified Mindful Coach, Board Certified Coach

Program:  Are you comfortable when clients don’t have goals and action plans?  Are you willing to not hurry clients who encounter snags along the way?  Do you practice being committed but not attached?

In order to powerfully serve our clients, we must fully commit to consistent and constant self-awareness.   We need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, trust the process when we don’t know, and practice patience as clients’ solutions bubble to the surface.

Clients want their coach to deeply listen, to be committed to their transformation, and to give them space to shift their mindset, perspective and experience.  They want a coach who practices presence, trusts the moment and is fully self-aware.


Join this interactive presentation to discovery pathways to become more valuable to your clients as you:

  • Recognize your connectedness to all things
  • Remain attentive, nonjudgmental and accepting
  • Let go of any desire to control, achieve, or resolve


  • Learn the difference between facilitative and transformative coaching
  • More clearly recognize the need to do your own exploration before you can take other people deeper
  • Generate a plan to begin to clear blocks, barriers and biases that keep you from being completely available

Speaker Bio:

From a place of deep connection to herself, Billie is available to help others who want to make conscious choices to improve the quality of their lives, health, relationships and careers.  She has been a coach since 1996 and has trained hundreds of mindful coaches nation-wide since 2000.

Billie is a Board Certified Coach and training provider for both the Center for Credentialing and Education’s Board Certified Coach (BCC) program and the National Credentialing Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaches (NCCHWC).  She is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Health Coach and an ACE Behavior Change Specialist and Master Coach.  Billie has served as President for the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance and the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.