12/12/2016 – Taking the Conversation Deeper: Listen, Talk, and Coach with Fierce Mindfulness

Speaker: Eric Klein

Program: The power of your coaching is determined by the depth of the conversations that you have with your clients. The deeper the conversation the more transforming the results. But, to go deep takes courage and skill.

In this program, we will explore and experience:

  • The three major obstacles that keep coaches from going deep (and what to do about them)
  • How to transform resistance into receptivity
  • Why disappointing clients is the key to building trust
  • How to use silence, stillness, and confusion as your allies


Speaker Bio:

Eric Klein is a leading voice in the movement to bring greater mindfulness to the workplace. He is one of the few people on the planet to be both a best-selling leadership author and lineage holder in a 5,000 year old yoga tradition. His work translates the wisdom traditions into practices and principles for people who want to bring greater spirit, meaning, and authenticity to their work and lives.

For the past 35 years, he’s worked with over 25,000 people in a wide variety of a wide variety of corporate settings: Fortune 500 companies, healthcare, municipal, governmental and non-profit organizations — as well as spiritual retreats and online meditation programs.

His book You are the Leader You’ve Been Waiting For: Enjoying High Performance and High Fulfillment at Work won a 2008 Nautilus Book Award as a world-changing book promoting positive social change and responsible leadership. He is also the author of the 1998 best-seller, Awakening Corporate Soul: Four Paths to Unleash the Power of People at Work (over 200,000 copies sold) and co-author of To Do or Not To Do: How Successful Leaders Make Better Decisions (2004) based on research and experiences with more than 200 companies. His signature online program The Mindful Team integrates neuroscience, behavior change technology and organizational change. Learn more at www.themindfulteam.com



Eric won a 2008 Nautilus Book Award for being a world-changing book promoting positive social change and responsible leadership.

He also the co-author of the best selling book Awakening Corporate Soul: Four Paths to Unleash the Power of People at Work (over 250,000 copies sold) and To Do or Not To Do: How Successful Leaders Make Better Decisions based on research and experiences with more than 200 companies.

11/14/2016 – Story Savvy: An Interactive Business Storytelling Workshop for Growing Coaching Skills

Speaker: Karen Dietz

Continuing Education Credits:
BCC CEU – 1.5 hours
ICF CCE – 1.5 Resource Development 

Business Branding Headshots by TRUE BLUE Portrait/TRUE BLUE Vision.

ProgramWhy Business Storytelling Matters Today More Than Ever Before

Storytelling is more than just a fad. It’s one of the most in demand and hottest business skills of the century to develop. Its influence and significance is acknowledged by the New York Times, Forbes Magazine, Harvard Business Review, Inc. Magazine, and Fast Company, just to name a few. In today’s distracted world, if you want enhanced client results, you’ve got to grab their stories to leverage them more effectively for their own personal transformation.

4 Startling Results of Storytelling:

  1. Connecting immediately
  2. Building trust and relationships
  3. Sliding past objections and resistance
  4. Shifting perceptions and inspiring others

During this 1-hour presentation, Karen Dietz, your business storytelling expert, shows you how to:

  1. Use specific coaching techniques and behaviors for listening the best stories out of people to get to the heart of an issue
  2. Employ simple triggers to easily evoke stories from others to get beyond client opinions and platitudes
  3. Easily bring storytelling skills into your practice

Presentation Objectives:

  1. Train coaches in specific story listening techniques as an efficient method for getting to the heart of an issue
  2. Train coaches in specific techniques to quickly and easily evoke stories from clients to gain a more accurate understanding and better information about an issue
  3. Have coaches experience how they can bring storytelling practices into their work
  4. Set up immediate action steps for taking action

Speaker Bio:

Karen Dietz is a veteran in business storytelling, and is one of the originals in the field. She represents the best in both academic training and the art of performance storytelling. Her motto says it all: “If you want results, just story it!” In working with stories, Karen draws on her know-how to provide practical experience, guidance, and Just Story It kits that get the job done. Her clients include Walt Disney Imagineering, NorthFace, Chase Manhattan Bank, Avery Dennison, Thrivent Financial, Veterans Administration, Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, Just In Time for Foster Youth, and Princess Cruises. Recruited For The Dummies Series.

As a speaker and storyteller for business, John Wiley publishers recruited Karen for their Dummies series. In 2013 her deeply rich how-to book Business Storytelling for Dummies, full of hard-core examples, was published, quickly praised, and became a bestseller within a year. Steve Denning, when writing the book The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling: Mastering the Art and Discipline of Business Narrative (2005), asked Karen to contribute to the chapter on storytelling and values based on her years of work in the field. For 3 years Karen conceived and collaborated on a book with Lori Silverman, writing vital sections to Wake Me Up When The Data Is Over: How Organizations Use Stories To Drive Results (2006) where 70+ amazing companies participated. Since 2005, Karen is featured in a total of 8 books on business storytelling.

Karen has also created the world’s largest free online library of quality material on business storytelling at www.scoop.it/t/just-story-it. Join her 15,700+ followers for the resource that is used by businesses, story professionals, and educators world wide. Witness her in action as she opens up the San Diego, CA 2013 TEDx conference with her moving talk on the impact of story listening to change lives and companies.

Memorability: Bringing Cutting Edge Visual Storytelling To You

As an artist, Karen is not afraid to get her hands dirty with storytelling. Her office/art studio is actually an art gallery of Karen’s hand-dyed silk panels of crucial story principles that she uses in her work. A few clients even help create their own silk panel, representing their unique story. Memories are built and story principles retained long after a workshop ends.

In addition to her studio work, Karen works with JVA Art Group to bring a company’s stories to lobby and staff areas. These storied spaces visually bring alive a company’s values, vision, and heritage, which are all represented in original artwork and outstanding interior design. Karen Gets An “A” as an Author, Academic, and Artist

She received her Masters and PhD from the Department of Folklore at the University of Pennsylvania, where the department and was the most advanced place to study in the field when Karen attended. Her specialties were architecture and material culture. During that time Karen learned the power of storytelling plus the care and feeding of stories from a traditional Chippewa Cree sacred storyteller. As Karen moved from academics into the business world she continued being trained in the art of storytelling by internationally top ranked performance tellers. Her BA is in communication from Marietta College in OH, and she spent 3 years as a journalist.

Karen is also the former Executive Director of the National Storytelling Network, a national association of 2,400 performance storytellers. Her mission during those 3.5 years was to grow, develop, and expand the influence of storytelling. For 6 years she was also the Program Director, then Chair, of the Story in Organizations community of practice, which helped establish business storytelling as a field of work both here and abroad.

email: juststoryit@nullgmail.com
website: www.juststoryit.com


10/10/2016 – Unconscious Bias

Speaker: Michael Brainard

Continuing Education Credits:
BCC CEU – 1.5 hours
ICF CCE – 1.5 Resource Development

Program: “Unconscious Bias in the Coaching Process” Unconscious Bias is a neurobiological mechanism that is a form of social categorization which occurs outside of one’s awareness. Michael will discuss the origins and implications of unconscious bias and its impact on the coaching process, both from the coach’s perspective and the clients.

Unconscious Bias – Welcome & Purpose:

Unconscious Bias – How the Brain Tricks Us:

Speaker Bio:

Michael Brainard (MA, MS, PhD) brings over 15 years of experience as a management consultant, senior executive, executive coach, manager, entrepreneur, and researcher. Michael has worked with many executives and organizations across industries blending a strategic, behavioral, and experiential learning approach. Michael’s diverse background ranges from being a coach, to being a senior executive who has gone through coaching, from being a rain-maker to being the senior executive who must leverage talent, infra-structure and multiple stakeholders’ interests to produce business results, and from a board member of a non-profit to authoring multiple ‘for profit’ organizations’ strategic plans. Michael currently serves on the Board of Directors of Big Brothers Big Sisters, as well as Health Revenue Assurance Associates (OTC – BB).

Michael has experience as an executive coach, as well as asenior executive in a corporate development leadership role, in both a publicly traded consulting firm and a financial services firm. Michael’s educational background enables a unique understanding of psychological principles and positions him to facilitate growth in other business leaders. This combination of psychology and business has had an immeasurable benefit for Michael’s clients.

As a speaker, Michael has delivered keynote talks to such groups as the Association for Corporate Growth, PIHRA, SHRM, PCMA, OCEMA, and a variety of corporations. As a researcher, Michael has contributed to publications and presented his research findings on performance appraisal systems, telecommuting, and leadership development at a variety of professional organizations.

His recognized leadership abilities have extended from business ownership, research, and academic achievements. Through his confidential work with executives, Michael has become known for his ability to motivate and energize leaders from diverse backgrounds, identify potential areas of opportunity for business leaders, and take action to facilitate growth for his clients. Michael is currently involved in growing a business by way of leading Brainard Strategy, a management consulting firm focusing on organizational development, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, and business strategy practices.

Client industries have included biotechnology, manufacturing, high technology, information services, consumer packaged goods (foods), financial services, telecommunications, and construction. Some of the clients who have benefited from the expertise of Michael Brainard are Louisiana Pacific, Beckman Coulter, Memorial Healthcare, Sequenom, Golden State Foods, Celanese, VMWare, Allergan, Experian, Goal Financial, McCarthy Construction, National Semiconductor, Conagra, Dell, Scripps, Baker Engineering, Qualcomm, Ericsson, San Diego Port Authority, and many others.

Michael received a BA in Psychology at the University of Delaware, an MS and his Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology at Alliant International University.

9/12/2016 – Coaching Your Clients to Take Action

Speaker: Yoram Baltinester

Continuing Education Credits:
BCC CEU – 1.5 hours
ICF CCE – 1.5 Resource Development   

Yoram Baltinester-300x300Influence is a necessary skill for coaches trying to build a robust coaching practice.  During this session, we will explore a fast assessment system that you can use to quickly identify the personality keys of a client’s motivation and tap into that information during the enrollment conversation.  There are many systems to increase your influence with others; however, this particular one is the simplest to follow and highly effective to use in real-time.  It provides you with immediate feedback on how to best communicate with and influence those you work with or meet in passing.

The benefits of attending this session include:

  • Identify, without the use of a formal assessment, a person’s value set and adjust your communication accordingly.
  • Become immediately and noticeably more effective as communicators.
  • Increase the effectiveness of client communication and interaction

About the Presenter:

Yoram has been a personal growth and professional development trainer and speaker for over 30 years.   He proudly proclaims to never teach something he hasn’t tried on his own.  Since age 17 he has been immersed in the world of high-tech and Information Technology.  For over a decade, he owned and managed his own technology company, which he sold in 2013 in order to focus his time on teaching and training.  Today, Yoram is a Transformational Sales Trainer and Executive Coach.  He founded Decisive Action Workshops, where he now delivers breakthrough learning experiences and long-term mentoring programs all around the world. For more information, go to http://www.DecisiveActionWorkshop.com/

8/8/2016 – Coaching for Respect: how unconscious respect/disrespect play significant roles in relationships

Speaker: Gregg Ward

_MG_2159_Gregg_Ward_nconv_960x-2Very often coaching clients use our sessions to vent their frustrations with their colleagues, bosses, friends and loved ones. Unfortunately, what we commonly hear from them are expressions of disrespect. So, it’s vital for coaches to understand how respect and disrespect play significant – yet unconscious – roles in relationships. This highly interactive and informative program, led by acclaimed speaker, consultant and executive coach Gregg Ward, who is also the author of the brand new book The Respectful Leader (Wiley – July 2016), will uncover the hidden world of respect and disrespect and demonstrate how they powerfully influence our clients’ behaviors at work and in their personal lives.
Key Programming Learnings:

– The Brain Science Behind Respect & Disrespect

– The Impact of “Cognitive Dissonance” and “Confirmation Bias” on Relationships

– The 3 Primary Things that People Respect/Disrespect in Others –

– How to “Coach for Respect” with Upset and Reluctant Clients

About Gregg Ward is a speaker, consultant and executive coach with over 25 years of experience who focuses on leadership, emotional intelligence and executive presence. He is the CEO of the Gregg Ward Group, and a Board Certified Coach, an Adjunct Executive Coach with the Center for Creative Leadership and is certified in the Leadership 360, FIRO-B, Workplace Big5, and DiSC assessment instruments. In addition to his many private coaching clients, he has served numerous organizations such as ADP, Booz Allen Hamilton, Bristol Myers-Squibb, Kaiser Permanente, QUALCOMM, The University of California, Warner Bros. Studios and city, state and federal agencies. Ward is also the author of the new book The Respectful Leader: seven ways to influence without intimidation. A Business Fable (Wiley, July 2016) and Bad Behavior, People Problems, & Sticky Situations: a toolbook for managers and team leaders (re-released by Indie Books International, 2015). He is based in San Diego where he plays tennis as much as humanly possible and volunteers as a Little League Umpire.
For more information, go to http://www.greggwardgroup.com

7/11/2016 – Coaching Clients Through Change

Speaker: David Berry

Continuing Education Credits:
BCC CEU – 1.5 hours
ICF CCE – 1.5 Resource Development

David Berry

A More Daring Life: Finding Voice at the Crossroads of Change

“A More Daring Life” is a call to leaders to deepen understanding, strengthen connection and commit to the exploration necessary to shake off the seduction of the status quo. In this program, participants will learn to articulate and amplify the three voices essential for thriving at a time of speed, complexity and change:


  • UNDERSTANDING: Since all meaningful change starts from within it is imperative that leaders possess the clarity and confidence to speak about their inner territory: the values, strengths, opportunities and aspirations that will guide their way
  • CONNECTION: Effective change leaders speak with the voice of connection. They create a vibrant network of reliance and commitment, enabling each person to contribute to something larger than themselves.
  • EXPLORATION: To speak with the voice of exploration is to commit oneself to purposeful and continuous learning. It is the leader’s commitment to cultivate a more robust conversation between the known and the unknown.

Through reflection, storytelling and collaborative conversation, participants will experience the power of their voice and how they will use it to lead an even more daring life.

David Berry, M. Ed., PCC is the author of A More Daring Life: Finding Voice at the Crossroads of Change and the founder of RULE13 Learning. He is also the former Vice President of Leadership & Learning at TaylorMade Golf Company. For more information, go to www.rule13learning.com

6/13/2016 – An Enlightenment Business

Speaker:  Chris Atley

Continuing Education Credits:
BCC CEU – 1.5 hours
ICF CCE – 1.5 Resource Development

CHris Atley

Business owners who are clear on their value will operate a business that is valued.  The value you give yourself is, in fact, the value others give you.   The cornerstone of perceived and real value is grounded in your thinking…and what is the root cause of your thinking?  Often, we can get stuck in ‘stinkin’ thinkin’ (thanks Zig Ziglar).  Our mindset can limit personal and business potential if the focus is on shame, blame, perfection or a need for total approval.  Taking personal responsibility and having a healthy sense of self are turning points in creating massive results.  When we shift our beliefs, our business will grow, leaders will lead, employees will contribute and clients or customers will be delighted.

The benefits of attending this session include

  • Learn how to identify the root cause of your thinking
  • Understand what it takes to get “unstuck”
  • Learn the bottom line results of shifting beliefs and thoughts

About the Presenter:

Chris has served as CEO of her coaching and consulting business since 2007, and is known for her ability to identify and remove the obstacles that keep people stuck from realizing their true potential, whether in business or life.  Chris is an award winning coach, a speaker and bestselling author.  Her expertise has been shared on Bloomberg Radio, Fox, ABC and the Saturday Morning TV Foundation.  She earned a Bachelor Degree in Psychology, is certified in the Belief Breakthrough Method, and is a Certified Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. For more information, go to www.chrisatley.com.

5/9/2016 – Lean into Discomfort

Speaker:  Miguel de Jesus

Continuing Education Credits:
BCC CEU – 1.5 hours
ICF CCE – 1.5
Core Competency

Miguel de JesusWhether we are aware of them or not, our emotions are embedded in everything we think, do and say on a daily basis.  Talent Smart indicates that emotional Intelligence is how we handle ourselves and others on the job.  As a coach, this is a skill worth exploring as it will enhance your ability to work more effectively with our clients.

The benefits of attending this session include:

  • Gain self-awareness by beginning to develop mastery of the emotions that have a negative impact on your decision-making and behavior.
  • Understand self-management and squash negative self-talk to achieve new levels of self-control.
  • Gain social awareness and discover how others view your EQ. Begin to understand how to create an EQ development plan.
  • Understand social awareness and develop the critical listening and observational skills that truly put you in the other person’s shoes.
  • Understand relationship management by beginning to develop mastery of the emotional component of conflict for improved relationships and teamwork.

About the Presenter:

Miguel is a highly accomplished, results-oriented C-level leader with more than 20 years experience leading business management, global sales/marketing, with two Fortune 500 companies.

A Leader in running a $150M Sales organization as a VP, Sales, and most currently providing Leadership and Sales Training to professionals as a Leadership Consultant and Coach.

He is a Digital Marketing professional helping business leaders, authors, speakers, coaches and other professionals to improve their Marketing efforts to gain more visitors, leads, and client conversions.

As a Keynote speaker, and Transformational change agent, Miguel brings his insights, and wisdom to public and corporate audiences.

His books, “Success Leaves Clues” and “So, What Do You Do”, are in release as of November 15, 2013. http://amzn.to/1ad6e0P

His most recent book “Let Your Emotional Intelligence Do The Talking! Is available in both Kindle and paperback version on Amazon. http://bit.ly/LetYourEmotionalIntelligence

For more information, go to: http://coachmiguel.com.

3/14/2016 – The Marketing Secrets of 7 Figure Coaches

Speaker: Adam Urbanski

Continuing Education Credits
BCC CEU – 1.5 hours
ICF CCE – 1.5 hours Resource Development

Adam UrbanskiMany Coaches never succeed in building a financially thriving business. Newer practitioners often struggle with attracting enough clients. And experienced coaches often end up overworked, having to support too many clients, and their income always depends on trading time for dollars – never giving them the type of freedom they dreamed of when they started their business.

The Marketing Secrets of 7 Figure Coaches” presentation helps participants break through mental blocks around the topics of marketing and practice development. Through real life examples, case studies and opportunities for brief group exercises participants will quickly gain an understanding of several highly effective marketing strategies applicable to coaches.

Newer coaches will learn how to quickly and easily attract their first clients and become profitable. Established professionals will discover simple strategies to increase their exposure, build an expert status, attract more and better quality clients, retain them longer, develop passive revenue streams, and systemize and automate their marketing efforts to build a thriving, highly profitable and enjoyable practice.

The benefits of attending this session include:

  • Develop a new marketing mindset and understand how promoting assessments, training, and coaching services and programs can be easy, fun and even lucrative.
  • Learn how to use new scalable marketing and business models that free coaches from trading time for dollars.
  • Find out why traditional networking is not an effective way of building your practice or business and how to use alternative, low-cost methods to quickly gain exposure to hundreds or even thousands of potential clients.
  • Discover simple-to-implement strategies to position you as an expert, and why it is an important element of creating a long-term success and profitability.
  • Understand how to create Knowledge Products™ and use them as Attraction Tools™ and passive revenue centers.
  • Formulate a plan to build an automatic, 26-step follow-up process to increase conversion of prospects to clients and easily generate more referrals.

About the Presenter:

Adam Urbanski is the go-to guy for successful service professionals who want to quickly attract more clients, increase their sales, and make more profits. His students and clients often multiply their revenues and profits by two, five, and even ten times in 90 days or less!  Known worldwide as The Millionaire Marketing Mentor® Adam built and sold his first 7-figure business in less than 10 years after starting with only $194 and a limited ability to speak English. Through his current company, the Marketing Mentors, Adam influences over 80,000 coaches, consultants, speakers, experts, online marketers and entrepreneurs, teaching them how to transform their limiting, time-intensive businesses into automated money making machines that Attract Clients Like Crazy®. To download Adam’s proven Million Dollar Coaching Business Blueprint go to http://themarketingmentors.com

2/8/2016 – Starting the Journey: Planning with the Coaching Client and Setting the Engagement Goals

Speaker: Tamara Furman

Tamara FurmanA hands on workshop that establishes best coaching practices when setting on the coaching journey with an individual client or a starting group coaching program. The workshop will teach the process of establishes a coaching plan and development goals with the client that address their concerns and creates a plan with results that are attainable, measurable, specific, and have target dates. Attendees will experience the process from the perspective of a participant in a group coaching program. Following the workshop attendees will be able to lead the process with their own clients.

At the end of the presentation attendees will:

  • Understand how to identify map the goals of their coaching clients for the duration of their coaching program.
  • Experience and be able to effectively set up client expectation for up to 6-12 months in advance.

With over 18 years of hands-on corporate experience as a senior HR leader, executive coach, team facilitator, strategic OD/HR consultant, trainer, facilitator, and entrepreneur, Tamara has successfully helped privately held, publicly traded and non-profit organizations in a variety of industries, such as financial services, sports and entertainment, healthcare, publishing, staffing, manufacturing, hospitality, electronics/technology, digital marketing, advanced education, and retail/e-tail. She worked internally as most senior HR leader at several organizations in San Diego as well as the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information: www.TeamFurman.com.