12/14/2015 – Coaching for W.A.R. (Workplace Authenticity and Relevance)

Speaker: Jason Martin

Jason MartinJason is a Change Strategist, Master Trainer, Executive Coach, Author, and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach™ with significant Fortune 50 experience, principally with Home Depot and Verizon. Jason guides leaders and teams in support of rapid organizational growth and enduring personal development. He has worked extensively in Retail and Technology, as well as coaching entrepreneurs around the world. Jason specializes in working with individuals and teams that are on the precipice of fundamental change.

Fulfillment lives at the intersection of who we are and what we do. This begs the question, “How can I be my authentic self and be seen as relevant in the workplace?” This interactive presentation demonstrates how to use the Gallup Strengths Finder™ assessment to amplify authenticity and rev up relevance for individuals and teams.

For more information: Jason Martin.



11/09/2015 – Generational Differences – Potential Impact on Coaching Style and Methodology

Speaker: Trudy Sopp

There are five generations in the workplace today embracing different, and sometimes conflicting, values. Coaching styles and methods need to take these differences into account in order to be effective. This presentation will increase your knowledge and understanding about what differences between these generations and in what ways you might need to change your practices.

About Trudy

Trudy Sopp, Founder of the Centre for Organization Effectivenesss, a leadership institute created in 1993 serving the public arena. Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Toronto. Frequently a guest speaker on the topics of power and politics, generations in the work place, board governance, and business etiquette.


10/12/2015 – The Global Leadership Profile: Developing Transformational Leadership Capacity

Speaker: Nancy Wallis

There is much evidence that we expect leaders in organizations to be able to think and act in ways that they cannot yet do. As people develop cognitively, they become more able to understand and take into account the perspectives of others while at the same time becoming more aware of their own responsibility for their emotions and life events. Leaders at later action logics have a greater capacity to understand and deal with complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity and thus are better able to lead transformational change in organizations today.

The GLP is one way to measure a person’s action logics and thus a way for coaches to incorporate a developmental perspective into their coaching process. This measure will be described, participants will conduct their own self-estimate, and we will discuss how knowing their clients’ action logics can help them gain deeper insight how their clients frame their stories, their challenges and their thinking. This will help coaches support their clients’ development by helping them see what pushes their buttons and why, where their learning edges are, how to develop an increased capacity to be self-directed, to take in deeper levels of feedback, to use power more mutually and to deal with paradox.

About Nancy


Learn about Nancy Wallis here

9/14/2015 – HR Panel Discussion

Engage in an interactive panel discussion with 4 seasoned HR professionals from a cross section of public and private organizations who will share their experiences and expectations for utilizing coaching services for their leaders and employees.  Come prepared with questions you have about Business, Leadership and Executive Coaching and how they are implemented inside each organization to create success.  Learn about the coaching outcomes of these organizations and what determines their use of coaching services.

  • Clarify the expectations for hiring or recruiting internal or external coaches
  • Define the qualifications, roles and responsibilities for coaches hired by the organization
  • Explain the process used for providing coaching services to employees and expected coaching outcomes

8/10/2015 – How Corporations Source and Screen Executive Coaches

War Stories from the Trenches
with Brian Underhill

How do major corporations find and screen executive coaches?

What criteria do executives most want in a coach?

Brian O. Underhill, Ph.D., founder of the world’s largest executive coaching organization CoachSource, has spent 18 years screening coaches worldwide and has the scars to prove it! Hear the “behind the scenes” stories from building a pool of over 1000 coaches in 44 countries to serve multi-national corporations’ executive coaching requests – and see the results of his industry-leading research on the topic. Brian has personally traveled to all continents meeting coaches worldwide, in building and managing coaching pools for brands such as Dell, Microsoft and American Express.

This session is clearly directly related to the “business” theme of the conference. As a major provider of coaches worldwide, it is critical for our field that coaches present themselves in a way that builds credibility for our profession. Unfortunately, after screening 1000+ coaches over 18 years, far too many coaches still fall short of the mark that corporations are looking for. I’d like to see more coaches successfully exceed that mark – it is only good for hiring companies, coaching firms like my own, and for the coaches themselves. I’d like to help coaches see what it takes to win more executive coaching assignments through this session.

  1. Learn what corporations and executives look for in coaches and where they are going to find them.
  2. Learn how to build your organizations’ pool of executive coaches into the best available.
  3. Learn how to distinguish yourself as a coach to be more appealing to multi-national corporate coaching programs.

This presentation is mainly a lecture. However, at the end of the presentation, there will be an interactive Q&A session. Also, Dr. Underhill usually like to give away 2-3 of his books, often to those who can answer key trivia questions related to the presentation.

About Brian

Brian O. Underhill, Ph.D. is an industry-recognized expert in the design and management of worldwide executive coaching implementations. Brian is the author of Executive Coaching for Results: The Definitive Guide to Developing Organizational Leaders (Berrett Koehler: 2007). He is the Founder of CoachSource, the world’s largest executive-coaching provider, with over 1,000 coaches in 43 countries. Additionally, he previously spent 8 years managing executive coaching operations for Marshall Goldsmith.

7/13/2015 – Whole Brain Thinking – How Many Does it Take?

Speaker: Carl Wellenstein

Carl Wellenstein

Teams where everyone thinks alike and get along with each other may consistently make the same mistakes. Teams where all participants don’t think alike too often cannot agree to anything due to the dysfunctional dynamics within the group.

Carl will describe techniques that will help attendees understand their unique thinking style and describe ways to recognize the different thinking styles in others. Using the Herrmann Brain Dominance Theory concepts and processes, attendees will be able to understand the basic four different thinking styles and be better able to recognize signs that suggest patterns in others that identify their individual thinking styles. The HBDI® instrument is used by many large international companies to help their teams work together more effectively and help their sales organizations to quickly adapt their thinking to the thinking preferences of customers.

Attendees will learn :

  • A simple visual template they can use to remind them of their preferred thinking style and how to recognize the signs of a different thinking style in others.
  • How the strengths of each person’s unique thinking preferences can positively affect their interaction with others and recognize the potential dark side of their style.
  • Techniques they can use with their clients to help them improve their communication skills.

To contact the speaker: www.execglobalnet.com. For more information about the topic: www.herrmannsolutions.com.

About Carl

Carl Wellenstein brings over thirty years of business experience working with small to mid-sized companies and with executives, managers and professionals in mid-career. His career includes fifteen years with Arthur Young & Co (now EY) in auditing and financial consulting roles for large and small companies in the US and internationally, including five years as country managing partner for the firm in Saudi Arabia.



6/8/2015 – Making Successful People More Successful: Coaching Healthcare Professionals

Speaker: Karen Garmen

Karen Garman, Ed.D., MAPP, president and senior learning consultant of Healthcare Education, Leadership and Performance (HELP), Inc., is a medical educator and a board certified coach with over 30 years experience in the design, development, and delivery of professional development for healthcare organizations. As a human performance improvement consultant, Dr. Garman uses positive psychology and the human performance improvement model to create nationally recognized training and coaching programs that demonstrate that investments in human capital in healthcare can be done in an efficient, economical, and effective manner. http://helpcons.server263.com


5/11/2015 – What You Don’t Know About Listening (Could Fill A Book)

Speaker: Jon White

Jon White began his career teaching Communications. He moved on to build a small chain of travel agencies, which later sold for ten times his initial investment. Jon followed that with 20 years as a successful top-level business leader in the medical device industry. Mr. White now infuses his work as an Executive Coach and valued Speaker with the practical knowledge he brought from each of those past experiences. His work has impacted leaders throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  With a passionate interest in the behaviors necessary to provide outstanding leadership, Jon’s professional journey has led him to focus on Listening because he believes it to be the skill that is fundamental to almost all other leadership attributes. He is coauthor of “What You Don’t Know About Listening (Could Fill A Book).” WhatYouDontKnowAboutListening.com.

4/13/2015 – Attract Clients Like Crazy

How to Make All the New Clients You Want Come to You!

Speaker: Adam Urbanski

Adam Urbanski is known worldwide as The Millionaire Marketing Mentor ® and for a good reason. He built a multi-million dollar business in less than 10 years starting with only $194 and a limited ability to speak English. Today Adam shows his clients how to go from zero to six figures in only a few weeks, and teaches over 70,000 coaches, consultants, speakers, experts, and online marketers how to transform their hard, labor intensive businesses into automated money making machines that Attract Clients Like Crazy ®. themarketingmentors.com

4/13/2015 – Fastest Path to Cash (Partner Event)

Fastest Path to Cash (Half-Day Training On How To Master Big-Ticket Selling)

Afternoon Workshop with Adam Urbanski.

It’s not a secret that the top 1% coaches who earn multiple six (and seven figures a year) do so by creating and selling high-value, big-ticket programs. But most coaches struggle with increasing their fees and attracting high-end clients. They are stuck in the old and ineffective trading-time-for-money business model.
Join us for this fast-paced 3-hour training and learn how to accelerate your success with your own high-end offers so that you can have the clients and income want, make a bigger impact with your work, and have the freedom to enjoy your life.