3/09/2015 – Discover the Power of Spiritual Selling

Discover the Power of Spiritual Selling

Speaker: Joe Nunziata

Joe Nunziata is a best selling author, professional speaker, spiritual teacher and life & business coach. His new book Karma Buster was featured in the 2012 Academy Awards gift bags. He has been delivering his life changing message at events and seminars since 1992. His enlightening programs are a unique blend of spirituality, psychology, philosophy and the power of internal energy. He has appeared on several television and radio programs including Good Day New York and Street Talk on Fox TV, Cablevision ‘s News 12, Better TV, The Braveheart Network and various radio stations across the country. Other books include: Spiritual Selling, Finding Your Purpose, and No More 9 to 5.

3/09/2015 – Karma Buster for Your Business (A Partner Event)

How to Identify and Clear Your Negative Business Karma

Afternoon Workshop with Joe Nunziata

Did you know you have business karma that may be slowing your growth and holding you back? Now you can identify your negative karmic business cycles and create the success you deserve.

The concept of karma has been around for thousands of years yet few people see the connection to business and success. This enlightening program will show you how karma is working in your business and life and how you can clear your negative karma now.

02/09/2015 – Optimize 5: Human Potential Horse-Powered

Optimize 5: Human Potential Horse-Powered

02/09/2015 – With Christina Pitts

As Founder of PITTS-ALDRICH ASSOCIATES, Christina has been coaching and consulting successfully for nearly 25 years, leveraging learning in prior careers as a university administrator, educator, business executive and attorney. Clients represent Healthcare, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Banking, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Non-Profit Organizations and more. HorsePlay HP2 (Human Potential Horse-Powered) is PAA ‘s powerful, innovative methodology for promoting self-awareness that leads to immediate transformation. Clients engage in a safe, no-riding relationship with horses as guides, producing measurable, memorable, sustainable growth. Christina has raised over $50,000 in marathons for charities, including Motivational Trainer for Run for the Children.

01/12/2015 – Make A Positive Difference In The Lives of Youth

Make A Positive Difference In The Lives of Youth And Grow Your Own Practice:The Power of Teen Life Coaching

01/12/2015 – With Tami Walsh

Tami Walsh, M.A. is President of the San Diego based teen and parent empowerment company, Teen Wisdom Inc. Tami is the first life coach for teen girls in the country and has personally impacted the lives of over 25,000 teenagers. Tami is committed to impacting 2 million+ teens by training 1,000 women worldwide on her cutting edge life coaching certification program. A recognized expert in the teen and parenting community, Tami has appeared on both local and national radio & television shows including, KUSI, Fox and SD 6 News, and has been a featured expert on the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.com website. Tami has spoken to over 25,000 teens nationwide, and is the author of the top selling Did-Wells Journal  for teen girls and popular audio series for parents, Communication: Turning Battles Into Bridges With Your Teen.  Currently Tami can be seen in the feature film, The Compass  with other world renowned speakers and authors including Joe Vitale and Brian Tracy. Tami is a graduate of UCLA and received her Master’s Degree from Loyola Marymount University. To learn more about Tami ‘s Certified Teen Wisdom „¢ Life Coach Training Program and other programs to empower teens, please visit http://www.teenwisdom.com/

12/08/2014 – The Biology of Performance

The Biology of Performance: Understanding Energy Management

12/08/2014 – With Heidi Hanna

Heidi has been featured at many national and global conferences, including the Fortune Magazine Most Powerful Women in Business Summit and the ESPN Women ‘s Leadership Summit. She is the New York Times Best Selling author of The SHARP Solution: A Brain-Based Approach for Optimal Performance (Wiley, 2013), and the follow-up publication, Stressaholic: 5 Steps to Transform Your Relationship With Stress (Wiley, 2014). Heidi has a master ‘s degree in mental health counseling and a Ph.D. in holistic nutrition. In 2011, Heidi was named a Fellow of the American Institute of Stress, and she currently serves as Editor of their publication, Contentment.

11/10/2014 – Create AHA Moments with Page-Turning Books

Create AHA Moments with Page-Turning Books & Assessments

11/10/2014 – With Timi Gleason

Our speaker Timi Gleason is a curious coach: always on the alert for well-designed, affordable assessments and books to trigger client transformation. Timi is the author of Coach as Strategic Partner on Amazon.com. She combines strategic planning, Virtual Facilitation skills as a member of eVirtual Roundtables (mastermind groups for professionals); and she specializes in leadership coaching. She received her Master Coach designation from Career Coach Institute in 2005 where she also taught coaching and mentored new graduates. Timi developed her coaching style in the middle 1980 ‘s when collaborating with seasoned VP‘s and Directors on HR issues in various Fortune 500 companies. She changed careers in 1999 from HR to Coaching. Her first paying client was a “take no hostages” Coach University student needing a Mentor Coach who “wasn’t a wimp”. That was just a glimpse of what was yet to come and shaped the type of clients Timi was able to help. Timi will share with you how the addition of select books and assessments used with an array of coaching approaches almost guarantees that a client will experience a “breakthrough moment” and forever treasure their coaching experience with you.

10/13/2014 – The 7 Things to STOP Doing

The 7 Things to STOP Doing to Start Getting More Done in Your Life and Business

10/13/2014 – With Meshell Zwicker

Meshell is a Firestarter, and productivity coach/expert. She helps executives, solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses get more done. Meshell has been a business executive and leader for 20+ years, providing companies with mindset, tools and strategies to create rewarding lives and real bankable results. Today Meshell ‘s focus is coaching her clients into bigger, more satisfying, and massively productive lives! Meshell also serves on the Board of the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance in the role of Community Outreach. Meshell’s presentation style is real world, conversational, confrontational and engaging! http://liveuptoyourpotentialnow.com/

08/11/2014 – Your Signature High-End Client System

Your Signature High-End Client System

08/11/2014 – With Jon Block

Jon Block is the founder of the Here & Now Network, a training company that empowers coaches and service providers to create high-end packages that deliver massive transformation and move humanity forward. He created Here & Now in 2011 and since helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to quit their day jobs and/or double their practices. He is most fulfilled by seeing his clients evolve into their highest potential. He lives in San Diego, and enjoys time with his girlfriend Roni, his parents, and attending concerts, plays, and movies. http://www.hereandnownetwork.com/

07/14/2014 – Tapping Into the Knowledge of SDPCA Expert Members

Tapping Into the Knowledge of SDPCA Expert Members

07/14/2014 – With SDPCA

Brooke Erol will moderate a lively panel discussion on a variety of questions designed to stimulate your thinking and help you with both skill and business development. Current and former board members, Susan Curtin, MS, CEAP, BCC, Miguel de Jesus, CPC, Brian Conlon, PNP, NCC and Elizabeth Fried, Ph.D., BCC will provide their perspective on the following questions:
1. What are the current challenges you face in the coaching profession?
2. What are the current and future opportunities you see in the coaching field?
3. What are the benefits and limitations of individual versus group coaching?
4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the following coaching modes: Face to Face, Phone, or Skype?
5. What percentage of your business is strictly coaching? If less than 100%, what other additional products and services do you provide?
6. What criteria did you use to select whether to become a life or business/executive coach?
You ‘ll have the opportunity to ask questions of panel members throughout the presentation. Use this occasion to tap into the wealth of experience they offer!

06/09/2014 – How to Create a Powerful Coaching Architecture that Supports the Coach AND the Client

Nailing Down The Agenda 100%!: How to Create a Powerful Coaching Architecture that Supports the Coach AND the Client While Wiring the Client’s Brain for Success!

06/09/2014 – With Sylvia Becker-Hill

Sylvia Becker-Hill is an award winning executive coach on both sides of the Atlantic. She has pioneered new coaching models and business concepts in Germany and successfully transferred her business to the United States during difficult economic times. As an executive coach, change strategist, trainer, public speaker and published author, Sylvia ‘s passion for life and work is contagious. She brings creativity and joy to all she does and leaves her audiences wanting more. Sylvia was the first German Professional Certified Coach in 2002 endorsed by International Coach Federation in Germany. She was the President of ICF-Germany in 2005, the first non-American to be elected into the ICF-Michigan board, one of three official mentor-coaches in Michigan and owns her own coaching training school since 2007. She holds an M.A. in Philosophy from the Heinrich Heine University in Duesseldorf and a B.A. in Administrative Science from the College of Public Administration in Cologne. http://sylviabeckerhill.com/