2/12/2018 – Somatic Focusing: Fast Track Transformation, EQ, and the Neuroscience of Change

ICF: 1.5 hours Core Competencies (Pending)
BCC: 1.5 hours

Speaker:  Andrea Isaacs, creator of EQQuiz


Looking to deepen your coaching practice? Somatic Focusing (“SF”) is a premiere methodology for embodied living, leadership, and cultivation of the self. Based on the neuroscience of change, SF is an experiential approach that creates engagement, compelling communication, trust, and results-oriented action. Clients engage limiting beliefs, and then bypass the “thinking mind” to create new neural pathways that change how they react, and increase their Emotional Intelligence (“EQ”) for sustainable change.

SF incorporates simple body movement that creates a deeper and increased emotional range of options available, so you can respond in a way that would have previously been inaccessible. With SF your clients will find new ease with challenging people and situations, greater success, and long-term happiness.

Benefits from this Session:

  • Learn how to tap into your body’s wisdom to create new neural pathways that increase your range of intelligence
  • Shift a limiting belief to an empowering belief
  • Access creative solutions when confronted with challenges


Andrea Isaacs is a speaker, coach and trainer who has been empowering the lives of thousands in 25 countries since 1994. Her body wisdom approach has increased emotional intelligence and deeper change in her clients. Her neuroscience-based brain training techniques have helped clients embody a greater range of healthy emotions, and maximize their potential personally and professionally.

She is the creator of EnneaMotion, Somatic Focusing (“SF”), and the EQ Quiz (at EQQuiz.com), which assesses your strengths and directs a somatic approach to your development, which are being used by conscious high-performing leaders around the world.

She has been teaching alongside Don Riso (until his passing in 2012) and Russ Hudson since 1994, was Co-founder and Editor-Publisher of the Enneagram Monthly and on the International Enneagram Association (IEA) Board of Directors for six years. 

Her clients have included the Federal Reserve Bank, the Massachusetts State Government, the New York State Psychological Association, the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Loyola University, Wake Forest University, Groover Seminars and the Highland City Club in Boulder CO where she is a scholar-in-residence.

For more information:  www.EQXLive.com and  www.EnneaMotion.com

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1/8/2018 – The Power of Showing Up: Courage, Coaching and Positive Change

ICF: 1.5 hours Core Competencies (pending)
BCC: 1.5 hours

Speaker:  Eric Kaufmann, executive coach and author of “The Four Virtues of a Leader


Stop and think for a moment, are there are times in your coaching conversations when you hold back? Not because it’s polite, or wise, or appropriate, but because you don’t want to lose something (reputation, relationship, money, respect, authority, status).

It’s imperative that you, as coach, “Show Up,” that you shine your authentic expression. It’s enlivening to you, and it’s a powerful demonstration to your client to shine in their own life. Being authentic, it turns out, isn’t a matter of some absolute, singular self, but an unfolding state of presence; a state that is fed by courage and compassion. Coaching from this state catalyzes every coaching interaction and discussion.

Benefits from this Session:

  • Accelerate clients’ ability to clarify their gifts and talents
  • Move from pleasing and colluding to challenging and enlivening
  • Feed personal and professional growth and effectiveness


Eric Kaufmann is an executive coach, author, and facilitator who guides leaders to go below the surface and beyond the obvious so they can think more clearly, make better decisions, and relate wholeheartedly. Eric’s book, The Four Virtues of a Leader, explores the essential virtues shared by successful, passionate, and creative leaders and how they navigate through uncertainty and anxiety. His work is shaped from the crucible of his journey which includes 17 years of leadership coaching and consulting, management roles at Fortune 100 firms, degrees in business and psychology, a quarter century of Zen practice, and living in Israel and South Africa.  Sagatica, from Sagacity, the Latin for Wisdom, acuteness of mental discernment and ability to make good judgments.

For more information:  www.sagatica.com

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12/11/2017 – Who Do You Think You Are?: A Coaching Mastery Conversation.

ICF: 1.5 hours – Core Competencies (Pending)
BCC: 1.5 hours

SPEAKER:  Christopher McAuliffe, MCC, founder of Accomplishment Coaching, an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program, Host and Producer of “The Coaching Show” since 2002, and previous SDPCA President.


Get ready for a lively and humorous interactive session… about two major issues in coaching and in coaching certification. 

In this fast-paced, high-level session, we will look at:

  1. Our judgments and opinions, biases and blind spots as coach,


  1. Exploring what Coaching Presence is – and what it is not.
  • First, we will look at Coaching Bias – a hot topic in coaching, coach training, and organizations! 
    • We will do some of the work from this year’s Coach Training Summit on “Calling In Power and Culture,” held in Toronto. 
    • We will take on some exercises to explore our own self-definition, and discover how others might be relating to us. 
    • We will consider how we are impacting our clients based on our own biases and blind spots in coaching, and in life. 
  • Second, we will do some exercises to learn more about Coaching Presence, one of the most elusive of the ICF Core Competencies.
  • We will also discover how to shift, expand or ‘rein in’ our own Coaching Presence based on the work we do on bias and culture.
  • Throughout, we will practice, give and get feedback, and get an opportunity to become more authentic, and all the while getting rid of some of our “shoulds.”
  • There will be music and candy, and awareness that you can use immediately in your coaching practice!

Benefits from this Session:

  • Discover previously unseen drivers of your own behavior… and the behavior of your clients!
  • Get feedback on your Coaching Presence, and learn how to shift it.
  • Take on the most important element of your coaching practice – you! 
    • Improve your connection with clients.
    • Get even clearer on your relationship with yourself, and what you are presenting to the world.
    • Learn how to maximize your impact and avoid pitfalls in sessions with prospective clients and organizations.
  • Have fun while you learn!  Hilarity will ensue! Did we mention there’s chocolate?

About the speaker:

Christopher McAuliffe, MCC, is a force in the world of ontological coaching and beyond. His high-powered, humor-filled approach has yielded him his own internationally successful ICF-Accredited coach training program (www.AccomplishmentCoaching.com), which has trained thousands of people over the past 17 years around the world. In his role of CEO, Christopher oversees the production of nine Training Programs in six cities in North America. Accomplishment Coaching provides training and coaching services to organizations, including the United Nations Population Fund, Major League Soccer, UBiome, and more. Also, Christopher is host and producer of an ICF-international-partnered podcast (www.TheCoachingShow.com).  Through The Coaching Show, each week for the past 14 years he has spoken with leaders in coaching, including Thomas Leonard, Debbie Ford, Robert Kiyosaki, John Grey, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Werner Erhard, Julio Ollaia, T. Harv Ecker and more!

Christopher holds a Master Certified Coach (MCC) accreditation, and is twice Past-President of the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance. He has worked with the ICF-IRB for over eight years in the area of Coaching Ethics – investigating and adjudicating ethical and consumer complaints against coaches.

From over 24 years of experience, Christopher brings the knowledge and wisdom of a master coach.  With over 500 coaches trained by him personally in small groups around the world, Christopher brings the power and understanding of a master trainer, as well. 

For more information: www.AccomplishmentCoaching.com.

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