02/05/18 — Somatic Coaching

Andrea Isaacs showed examples of three core reasons our clients get stuck and not change, even though they say it’s what they want to achieve. So they keep repeating the same problem, or story, which can be frustrating to coaching.

Almost everyone in the room agreed they have clients like this and have fired clients for it. But Andrea showed up insightful ways to get them UN-stuck!

We learned a simple way to hold our ground and have a voice without getting angry or disappearing. We learned easy steps for increasing our range of emotional intelligence. She gave us several golden nuggets, such as how to bypass the thinking brain that we can apply to our clients and to ourselves. She made what could be complicated ideas accessible, easy to understand and easy to use.

See the SDPCA website for photos and videos of the activities. She also provided her “EQ Quiz” free to SDPCA participants, which takes only 5-10 minutes to assess your emotional range! Give it a try. You’ll find it at https://eqquiz.com/ — and then stay tuned for her free webinar explaining your results!

Our Refreshment Sponsor for the meeting was Angie Swartz + a fab tip to members from her

Thank you Angie!

Check out her website at http://www.lifepurposeadvisor.com/

Angie has a great tip to share with members on how to increase connections. See the video here

01/08/18 — The Power of Showing Up: Courage, Coaching, and Positive Change

The speaker at our last meeting on 1/8/18 was Eric Kaufmann who delivered a powerful presentation on what holds us back — insights that can be used both personally and professionally.

Put your coach hat on and think of a situation in which you’re holding back. Not because it’s polite, or wise, or appropriate, but because you don’t want to lose something (reputation, relationship, money, respect, authority, status).

“Showing up” is your ability to shine your authentic expression. It’s enlivening to you and an invitation for your client to shine in their own life. And, being authentic isn’t a matter of some absolute, singular self, but an unfolding state of presence; a state that is fed by courage and compassion. Coaching from this state catalyzes every coaching interaction and discussion.

Eric, whose company is Sagatica (derived from the Latin word Sagacitas, which means wisdom), coaches executives and is the author of The Four Virtues of a Leader: Navigating the Hero’s Journey Through Risk to Results.

The session was interactive, and we all got to explore Eric’s framework for unearthing root causes that keep us (and our clients) stuck.