10/10/2016 – Unconscious Bias

Speaker: Michael Brainard Continuing Education Credits: BCC CEU – 1.5 hours ICF CCE – 1.5 Resource Development Program: “Unconscious Bias in the Coaching Process” Unconscious Bias is a neurobiological mechanism that is a form of social categorization which occurs outside of one’s awareness. Michael will discuss the origins and implications of unconscious bias and its […]

9/12/2016 – Coaching Your Clients to Take Action

Speaker: Yoram Baltinester Continuing Education Credits: BCC CEU – 1.5 hours ICF CCE – 1.5 Resource Development    Influence is a necessary skill for coaches trying to build a robust coaching practice.  During this session, we will explore a fast assessment system that you can use to quickly identify the personality keys of a client’s […]

8/8/2016 – Coaching for Respect: how unconscious respect/disrespect play significant roles in relationships

Speaker: Gregg Ward Very often coaching clients use our sessions to vent their frustrations with their colleagues, bosses, friends and loved ones. Unfortunately, what we commonly hear from them are expressions of disrespect. So, it’s vital for coaches to understand how respect and disrespect play significant – yet unconscious – roles in relationships. This highly interactive […]

7/11/2016 – Coaching Clients Through Change

Speaker: David Berry Continuing Education Credits: BCC CEU – 1.5 hours ICF CCE – 1.5 Resource Development A More Daring Life: Finding Voice at the Crossroads of Change “A More Daring Life” is a call to leaders to deepen understanding, strengthen connection and commit to the exploration necessary to shake off the seduction of the […]

6/13/2016 – An Enlightenment Business

Speaker:  Chris Atley Continuing Education Credits: BCC CEU – 1.5 hours ICF CCE – 1.5 Resource Development Business owners who are clear on their value will operate a business that is valued.  The value you give yourself is, in fact, the value others give you.   The cornerstone of perceived and real value is grounded in […]

5/9/2016 – Lean into Discomfort

Speaker:  Miguel de Jesus Continuing Education Credits: BCC CEU – 1.5 hours ICF CCE – 1.5 Core Competency Whether we are aware of them or not, our emotions are embedded in everything we think, do and say on a daily basis.  Talent Smart indicates that emotional Intelligence is how we handle ourselves and others on […]

3/14/2016 – The Marketing Secrets of 7 Figure Coaches

Speaker: Adam Urbanski Continuing Education Credits BCC CEU – 1.5 hours ICF CCE – 1.5 hours Resource Development Many Coaches never succeed in building a financially thriving business. Newer practitioners often struggle with attracting enough clients. And experienced coaches often end up overworked, having to support too many clients, and their income always depends on […]

2/8/2016 – Starting the Journey: Planning with the Coaching Client and Setting the Engagement Goals

Speaker: Tamara Furman A hands on workshop that establishes best coaching practices when setting on the coaching journey with an individual client or a starting group coaching program. The workshop will teach the process of establishes a coaching plan and development goals with the client that address their concerns and creates a plan with results […]

12/14/2015 – Coaching for W.A.R. (Workplace Authenticity and Relevance)

Speaker: Jason Martin Jason is a Change Strategist, Master Trainer, Executive Coach, Author, and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach™ with significant Fortune 50 experience, principally with Home Depot and Verizon. Jason guides leaders and teams in support of rapid organizational growth and enduring personal development. He has worked extensively in Retail and Technology, as well as […]

11/09/2015 – Generational Differences – Potential Impact on Coaching Style and Methodology

Speaker: Trudy Sopp There are five generations in the workplace today embracing different, and sometimes conflicting, values. Coaching styles and methods need to take these differences into account in order to be effective. This presentation will increase your knowledge and understanding about what differences between these generations and in what ways you might need to […]

10/12/2015 – The Global Leadership Profile: Developing Transformational Leadership Capacity

Speaker: Nancy Wallis There is much evidence that we expect leaders in organizations to be able to think and act in ways that they cannot yet do. As people develop cognitively, they become more able to understand and take into account the perspectives of others while at the same time becoming more aware of their […]

9/14/2015 – HR Panel Discussion

Engage in an interactive panel discussion with 4 seasoned HR professionals from a cross section of public and private organizations who will share their experiences and expectations for utilizing coaching services for their leaders and employees.  Come prepared with questions you have about Business, Leadership and Executive Coaching and how they are implemented inside each organization to create success.  Learn about […]