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Monday, December 10, 2018 – How and Why Coaches Should Use LinkedIn to Get Clients

There are many types of coaches: life, executive, career, health coaches and more. The topics coaches cover with clients may be different, but the one thing they all have in common is the fact that most of their clients are professionals. Whether it’s a business owner, HR director, sales manager, teacher, social media project manager, etc., most of the men and women looking to hire a coach are employed, have money, and for this reason the sales cycle is shorter. They understand the importance of professional development, and most likely they are on LinkedIn – the number one online business directory. 

During this lively, interactive presentation, you’ll get the why’s and the how’s of using LinkedIn to turn warm leads into hot new coaching clients. Yes, there is a process to LinkedIn, and it doesn’t take 2 hours a day – how about 30 minutes weekly? You’ll learn who your connections know that may be your perfect client fit. As an example, you’ll witness how you can use LinkedIn’s powerful search tool to find school alum prospects that live in your area in a matter of minutes.

Discover ways to build trust, gain credibility, and generate good will. An especially important segment of the presentation, is the “Do’s and Don’ts” aka LinkedIn etiquette. Rick’s 90-minute LinkedIn primer will open your eyes to what LinkedIn is all about and how, with this knowledge, you can set yourself apart from coaches that haven’t learned the magic behind LinkedIn’s curtain.

Session Outcomes/Benefits include:
  • Understand the mindset and GET the big picture of how LinkedIn works for you to build your coaching practice.
  • Learn the three critical success factors you need to thrive, on LinkedIn – profile, network and activities.
  • Get an inner circle secret of how Rick generated 24 referrals in 2 hours – and how you can too.

Rick Itzkowich, aka “Rick I – The LinkedIn Guy!”

Rick Itzkowich (pronounced It’s-ko-witch) is a Vistage Chair and founder of 501 Connections, Inc., a San Diego-based business, networking, and referrals coaching company. Rick is a genuine people connector. He helps people bridge the gap between the two worlds of face-to-face and online networking. As an official member of the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council and successful entrepreneur, Rick coaches, writes and creates turnkey products that meet today’s demand for tools to increase profits through referrals. His products QuoteActions, Link Power Now and Rock-IT! Referrals have generated millions of dollars in revenue for businesses worldwide. His book The Referral Playbook: How to Increase Sales with Proven Networking Strategies is on Amazon. He presents to a diverse group of sales, networking and professional organizations, and is a regular SCORE® speaker. Internationally his YIKES! LinkedIn Workshop earned the Best Speaker Award in Dubai. Rick’s entertaining and lively presentation has shared how to turn warm leads into hot sales to hundreds of professionals.  

For more information: visit www.rickitzkowich.com and www.thereferralplaybook.com


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