Members Benefit by Volunteering

If you have been seeking a way to serve that employs the best use of your skills and talents, we encourage you to volunteer.  SDPCA has opportunities both within the organization and the community. Each opportunity gives you a chance to develop great relationships with your peers and colleagues as well as to demonstrate your expertise. Our vision is for SDPCA to become the premier coaching organization in Southern California, and our hard-working board would like you to join them by helping to make this happen.

You’ll find that it is both fun and rewarding to serve. Look for areas of need below. If any ignite your passion and/or match your skill, contact the board member in charge and offer to help. You will find that the joy you will receive in serving often comes back to you in the most surprising and unexpected ways.

Board of Directors

We are a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation that is led by a dedicated board of directors who volunteer their time to serve for one-year terms beginning every January. You can read the duties and responsibilities for all board members by clicking here. Each October, we begin the process of assembling a new Board for the following year. We encourage both Coach Members and Associate Members to make their interest known by applying to serve on the Board. Click here to download an application.

Members may want to volunteer to help SDPCA in a specific area or for a limited time and may not be able to commit to serve on the board. That is great because we are always looking for new talent that can help us to better serve our members and provide opportunities for coaches to connect with the San Diego community. If you have a particular interest in an area that you do not see below and you would be willing to lead or support it, please send an email to the President by clicking here.


Member At Large – Meetings

Role: Reports to and supports VP Meetings at the registration table during the meetings.


  • Helps to set up room at the beginning of meetings for SDPCA preferred layout and to return it to its original layout at the end of the meeting.
  • Sets up banner and direction signs enabling attendees to easily find our meeting room.
  • Lays out the Member Sign In sheets at the beginning of the meeting and spreads out the member name badges adjacent to each sheet.
  • Assists to ensure that all attendees sign in if they are members, complete a First-Time Guest form if they are attending for the first time, or complete a Payment Form and pay to attend.
  • Helps to ensure that all attendees have an appropriate name badge – preprinted for current members, salmon colored badge if they are a First-Time Guest, or a hand written badge for anyone else, such as a paying guest or a member whose preprinted badge is not available.
  • Collects payments (cash, checks or credit card information) for membership, meeting fees, and CEU certificate fees and secures payments and Payment Forms in a secure, confidential folder.
  • Introduces all First-Time Guests to VP Membership.
  • When asked a question that they cannot answer or are not sure about how to answer, introduces that person to a Board Member or another member for assistance and support.
  • Assists with reconciling all payments received at meeting with appropriate forms following meeting.
  • Assists with registering CEU applicants, collecting the appropriate payments, maintaining the
    sign-in/sign-out sheet, and distributing the CEU Certificates of Completion at the end of the meeting.

Member-At-Large – [You Define what you would like to do!]

Role: [You tell us]

Responsibilities: [You tell us]

Speaking Opportunities

We encourage our members to be a speaker at one of our monthly meetings. This is a wonderful opportunity to share your skills and knowledge with the group. In return, your presentation will be featured in our newsletter to over 600 recipients and you and your presentation will be included on our website all year as we show our yearly lineup. Two months prior to your scheduled presentation, the write-up will be placed on the front page of our website as “Next Month’s Speaker” and on the month you speak, you will be shown as the featured speaker. All insertions will contain a direct link to your website.

If you have an interest in being a speaker at one of our monthly meetings, please click here for more information. Keep in mind that presentations should be focused on professional, personal, or business development topics for business and personal coaches. It is not an opportunity to sell your services or products to our members. You may, however, display your products and services at a table we set aside for you at the meeting.