Monday August 13, 2018 — Life, Loss and the Creative Imperative

Hear the wild and wacky American Dream success story of two New Yorkers — a choreographer and an artist — whose unexpected Halloween and novelty business relocated to San Diego, before leading them to respective careers in Executive Coaching and a consulting /speaking career in Creativity and Innovation.

Program Outcomes/Benefits:

  • Gain confidence and ease in coaching clients experiencing loss and grief, whether personal, business, financial or emotionally based, by learning how to assess their current place in the cycle of grief.
  • Discover which of the 4 creative thinking styles describe you by understanding the FourSight assessment of creative thinking profiles.
  • Learn the 11 individual qualities that promote personal creativity and a free tool that lets you understand your client’s strengths and areas of improvement.

This will be a 2-part presentation focusing on their dual areas of expertise

Interactive session with takeaways:

Several methodologies are used during this session, including visuals, handouts and role play around creative blocks. Storytelling is used to engage our hearts and creative confidence to leave uplifted and empowered by a few new tools easily used in our coaching practices.

Richard Levi currently coaches with NASA, Wharton, businesses and high performing individuals in the Bay area. Richard’s particular niche expertise is coaching clients and companies experiencing grief and loss. You’ll learn how to identify where your clients are in their grief process and how to serve them most effectively. You’ll become more comfortable knowing how to address these inevitable issues. Visit Richard

Rick Kantor will discuss Creativity as a required, teachable 21st-century skill set, and how the FourSight Assessment can be used for your client’s self-understanding, improved collaboration and enhanced innovation. You will learn your own preferred thinking profile when problem-solving and how this can boost your own business, your coaching effectiveness, and communication. As a professor teaching Creativity in the Workplace at Drexel University online, he demystifies creativity to be a process, a mindset, and a culture where sustained innovation can happen on-demand for all of us.


Richard Levi has never stopped moving and reinventing himself, starting as a European trained and New York-based choreographer to his current Executive Coaching practice serving higher management and Executive MBA programs. In between he has served as Co-CEO for his start-up novelty and Halloween Company, Pony Express Creations, Inc.; Broadway Producer and founder of investment groups for new theatrical productions; mediating for Sonoma courts; and facilitating Hospice grief support groups for St. Joseph’s Health of Petaluma.



Rick Kantor thinks creativity is as important as oxygen for the self-actualized person and has spent his life spreading the word. He has been a muralist and decorative painter in New York City, opened lifestyle furniture stores, designed gift, stationery, and novelty products, and started an interior eco-showroom and gallery in northern California. Currently, an online professor of Creativity in the Workplace for Drexel University graduate students, Rick is a sought-after public speaker, consultant, and coach on all aspects of enhancing the skills of creativity in individuals and organizations. He has degrees in Psychology, modern dance, a BFA in Fine Art Painting, and a Masters in Creativity and Innovation. He currently serves as Secretary of the American Creativity Association and is on the faculty for the National Speakers Association Northern California Chapter’s Speakers Academy.

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