Monday, November 12, 2018 – How to Transform Your Website into an Online Business Platform

A visitor to your website can be expected to stay about 8 seconds, unless…
You capture their attention to entice them stay a little longer and learn a little more.

Then you have 1-2 minutes of their attention before they leave, unless…
they engage with you, so that you can follow up with them and engage them in a longer conversation.

Many traditional websites are passive. People might read the free content offered, but often don’t, because… well, because people are busy. Even if they take the time to read the free content, they may not engage with you. As a result, the traditional approach to websites may not be driving the results you desire. You need a more comprehensive “platform” to broaden your reach and increase your impact.

Tom Teague, our own online business platform architect, will show you how to transform your website into an online business platform. He is an expert in the new state-of-the-art Kajabi-based website design, which includes public content, blog, marketing pages, email campaigns, sales pages, private content sites and much more. Tom will demonstrate the transformation of the new SDPCA website, and show us our new Coach Finder platform. Every SDPCA member in good standing will have their own personal web page which is searchable by both category and text search. A dynamic site, platform and approach, each Coach Profile page may now contain a wide variety of rich, well-formatted content including text, images, video and external links to your own website and your own free offers.

Session Outcomes/Benefits include:

  • Broaden your reach and increase your impact by creating an integrated online business platform
  • Learn how to transform your existing website into an online business platform
  • Create your best Coach Finder profile for the new SDPCA site

Tom Teague, PhD
President, Choice Digital Strategies
Online Business Platform Architect
Certified High Performance Coach™
SDPCA’s VP Communications

Tom applies his 30+ years of experience designing and building software systems for large organizations like Exxon and NASA to work with coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, trainers, and professional service providers to broaden their reach, increase their impact, and improve their revenues using online business platforms. After investing tens of thousands of dollars – and thousands of hours – in “Internet Marketing Grad School” and meeting hundreds of small business owners frustrated with “tech issues” over the last five years, Tom realized that many of us are struggling in learning how to apply online technologies, because there are an overwhelming number of available technology choices. It’s like trying to piece together a puzzle without a box top picture. He saw a need to teach an organized, agile approach that aligns your platform with your business strategies so that you only create the minimum tech you need to support your business strategy. Tom created the six-step Agile Business Success System to help clients manage the complexity and get their online business platform up and operating quickly! Using the Agile Business Success approach, Tom consults, coaches, and teaches the skills you need to finally get your online business platform operational and working for you!

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