Monday, September 10, 2018 – The Seven Sales  Blocks that Keep You Stuck in Scarcity

Most coaches struggle to reach their sales goals on a monthly basis, usually getting stuck in the same place. Statistics show that only 10% of coaches make more than six figures.

If you are ready to get to the next level — and let go of what’s been stopping you—then get ready to make a change!

Discover the seven sales blocks that keep you stuck in scarcity — and what you can do to release them!

Outcomes/Benefits include:

  • Discover why limiting beliefs and fears about selling keep you right where you are—and how you can release them
  • How to create a sales stretch goal that allows you to double your sales by following a simple (intentional!) sales formula
  • The importance of working with your top 20%—and letting go of the rest

By the time you leave this session, you will have an entire page of notes and a minimum of two actions that you can take immediately to grow your business.

About the Speaker

Three-time bestselling author, award winning entrepreneur and sales expert – Ursula Mentjes – will transform the way you think about selling so you can reach your goals with less anxiety and less effort! The Founder of Sales Coach Now, Ursula specializes in Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help clients double and triple their sales in as little as 30 days. Honing her skills at an international technical training company, where she began her career in 1996, Ursula increased sales by 90% in just one year! In 2001, when the company’s annual run was in the tens of millions, she advanced to the position of President at just 27 years old. Sales guru Brian Tracy endorsed her best-selling and award-winning book Selling with Intention saying, “This powerful, practical book shows you how to connect with customers by fully understanding the sales process from the inside out. It really works!”

Ursula is the recipient of two Lifetime Achievement Awards for her work from two Presidents of the United States of America, both political parties. Also the Small Business Administration’s Women in Business Champion Award, Willow Tree’s Extraordinary Example and Extraordinary Entrepreneur, National PDP’s Business Woman of the Year and Extraordinary Speaker of the Year. Her Podcast, Double Your Sales NOW, is being downloaded in 52 countries and is experiencing double-digit growth. And, Ursula’s new book, The Belief Zone, was just released and reached Amazon best- selling status and received the President’s Choice Beverly Hills Book Award.