02/10/2014 – Hiring Superstars

Hiring Superstars: How to Strategically Select Top Performers 02/10/2014 – With Dr. N. Elizabeth Fried Dr. N. Elizabeth Fried, author, consultant, and executive coach, has been president of N. E. Fried and Associates, Inc. since 1983. Ranked by CoachingGurus.net in 2012 for three years running as one of world ‘s top 15 most influential coaches […]

01/13/2014 – We Gotta Fail To Succeed!

We Gotta Fail To Succeed! 01/13/2014 – With Milo Shapiro Milo blends entertaining stories whose lessons fit the topic, and integrates participatory improvisation work for nearly half of his speech  time, may use triad sharing within the program to personalize it further. There are many programs on the new approaches, but not many address […]